Tuesday, September 14, 2010

.17 Ways to Safeguard Your Heart

Meet Dr. Goldberg

Twenty years ago, when Nieca Goldberg was in medical school, heart disease was known as a “man’s disease”―something most apt to befall a 55-year-old businessman. Today the disease is the number one killer of U.S. women, claiming nearly 500,000 lives annually. Goldberg, now 50, devotes her career to helping fellow females protect their hearts at Total Heart Care, her practice in New York City. She also teaches the science of heart health as a clinical associate professor of medicine at New York University. But the doctor doesn’t have to look to research for evidence that diet, exercise, and stress management can prevent future problems. Even though she has a family history of heart disease, her habits have kept her health in check. “Making consistent, small, smart choices can have a huge effect,” says Goldberg. To find out how to care for your heart for the long haul, learn from this doctor’s daily practices.

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Posted by Joy in Seattle Fri Sep 10, 2010 8:53pm PDT

#1 Have a low cholesterol breakfast: False

It's been proven that dietary cholesterol does not contribute to increased blood cholesterol levels.

The other stuff is good.

Isn't the jury still out on the benefit of resveratol in red wine?

Hi, i m 58 and i feel quite normal, energetic, sexually activ,thanx to a regimen of cardio and weight-training exercises 5-6 times a week; the secret lies in listening to your body and i m pretty sure the body does not lie but we turn deaf to its needs! Keep thins simple and take one step at a time with uncluttered mind! you r the master of your life and life obeys your command- if they r legitimate!

Yes, a small glass or two of wine a day with meals will help. Reservatrol can also be found in onions but the onions must be digested first whereas it is already available in the wine. Other good things from grapes are grape seed oil. Olive oil is just grand too !

Acohol in any form is beyond a doubt the most devastating item you can ever partake of. My daughter has just been through the Addiction program at a major hospital in Newport Beach, Ca. and I can safely say that I was unaware that alcohol/drugs affect the entire strata of M.D.'s,Atty's, andall walks of life down to teenagers! Miraculous results for those intent on breaking the terrible habit. AA is outstanding now that I understand their focus and results.

Is walking on the job considered a work out for my Heart.....

Alive well now, obamacare is a trojan horse for communisum. live well, develope good habits depend on your own good sense. and therefore count less on government proxy physicians.

2 Oil of oregano caplets everyday is good for the blood and improves the flow of Oxygen to the extremities. I am counter-balancing as of today with a 2 in a.m./2 in p.m. dose of Lovaza 1 gm. I can vouge for the improvement and its effects on my body over all. At 53 carrying about 30 lbs +/- of extra body weight 5' 11 1/2 " I weigh 183-6 depending on the time of day...

I am an avid Coffee drinker, because I dont need anymore calcifications in my kidneys...1/2 pancreas head gone, and no spleen both since 12/2006. Psuedo cyst.(Might have come from drinking Whole milk as a kid). Farmers' daughter.

Over all my "longjevity" is as good as it will be. I had had a total hystorectomy in 1998 (endomitriosis) and took Hormone replacement for one yr. Everything has been great.

Good luck to any of you thinking that you have the percise answer. I think we are healthier longer.

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