Wednesday, October 20, 2010

"Mirror Image", Puzzle of Life- Poems by Debbie Camp

"Mirror Image"

I stand before you mirror
And begin to reach inside
My hand ventures through
So fast it glides
Into a world that reflects
The wishes,dreams and hopes
And artistic intellect
I dive right in
And kiss this world goodbye
As I take off the blindfold to reveal my eyes
That sparkle and shine
With delight
A world of acceptance
Comforting as the wind
Holds and caresses
My bare shoulders
As it whispers in my ear
"Debbie there's nothing to fear"
I'll always be here
For I am your soul
I was always in you
Only you got the power to choose what to do
Cast off that negative view of that earth
On the other side
Let your thoughts and mine collide
In your heart and mind
For we got the power to do anything
It's always within your grasp
I live in your dreams, visions and past
I was always here
And will always be near
Come to the future with me
It's shining so bright
Come, Come Debbie
There's the white light!
Just take my hand.....

Puzzle of Life

The shards of your dreams
Merge in a clouded vision
Slowly at the seams
With an exact precision
Twinkling orbs filled with hope
Begin their journey softly closed
For it is within the self aspirations form
In the deep, dark crevices of the mind
Conjoined with the heart's desires they are born
Within a heartbeat's time
What is it that you want?
What do you desire?
Close your eyes to see
And then aim even higher
The pieces float together slowly
Sometimes misaligned
But it's within the journey
That makes the collisions sublime
Slowly the big picture begins to surface
Take a step back, what do you notice?
A few missing pieces
From this perplexing work of art
Did they dissipate into the abyss?
You would never let them part
You feel incomplete without those dreams
The struggle surmounts
Frantically you dig between the seams
Only to discover
The tiny gaps let the light of mystery shine in
All along your life's portrait was a work in progress
Forever we work at it, getting our hands gritty
The reflection in the end is as majestic as what we see
Desire greatness and it shall be achieved
Give up easily then prepare to grieve
Open your eyes once more
Awaken from your sweet slumber
With a renewed energy and drive
To achieve anything, desire loud as thunder
Pounding from within
Lightning charges your veins
Bathing in an aura of light beaming
Sparkling, gleaming
Blinding others who get in your way
This is your time to shine and soar beyond the heavens
I believe in you, I believe in me
Dreams can become a reality just wait and see!

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