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alzhimers & Coconut oil

Coconut Oil and Alzheimer’s
Alzheimer’s and Coconut Oil

There are many Alzheimer’s drugs that researchers have tried in study after study but have found to be minimally effective.  Some drugs may slow the disease by 6 months to a year though nothing significant has been shown to reverse the devastating effects of Alzheimer’s.  However, there has been talk in the health food industry about one type of oil that may actually stop Alzheimer’s from progressing, maybe even reversing it.  This product is coconut oil.
There is one trial started in 2013 at the Health Byrd Alzheimer’s Institute at the University of South Florida that is testing the relationship between coconut oil and Alzheimer’s.  There are 65 individuals enrolled in the study who have mild to moderate Alzheimer’s.  They are either taking coconut oil or a placebo.  It has been shown that the coconut oil seems to be more effective with people in the early stages of the disease.

How to Use Coconut Oil for Alzheimer’s

While more studies are needed to substantiate the claim of coconut oil treating Alzheimer’s disease, below is some information you can follow if you’d like to give the natural oil a try:
  • It is recommended that nine tablespoons is the therapeutic amount to take daily for Alzheimer’s disease. You may want to start with a teaspoon a day mixed with food and work your way up to larger amounts gradually.
  • The best kind of coconut oil to consume is virgin coconut oil. It is the least processed so you get the full benefits.  They have higher amounts of antioxidants and nutrients so if you can afford it, buy it.  Don’t worry if it is organic or not, as most coconut trees do not have pesticides applied to them.
  • Be sure it is not hydrogenated. If it is a cheaper refined coconut oil, it will be just as good.
  • Do not buy what is referred to as liquid coconut oil which sometimes goes by the name MCT oil. It is not the true coconut oil that you would benefit from.  It is fractionated coconut oil where the lauric acid is removed from the oil.  Lauric acid is the thing that makes the coconut oil so beneficial.  It is the most dominant part of the oil.  When the lauric acid is removed, what is left is the MCT oil.
  • If you start out with a large dose of coconut oil from the start, you may have the unfortunate symptom of diarrhea as a result. To counter this, you should start with a smaller dose.  You can try adding it to your food as well.  You should choose food that is high in fiber and protein to alleviate the loose stool. If you have irritable bowel syndrome, you will definitely need to watch how much you take at a time.


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