Tuesday, February 24, 2015

The Holy 'Grayl' of Water Filters

The Holy 'Grayl' of Water Filters

Heather Cha
Water filtration cups are already a firmly established market nowadays. From Bobbles to Brita, you could easily find a bottle to make sure the water you drink is safe.

Travis Merrigan and Nancie Weston, anaerospace-science duo, are taking the concept to the next level. On the television show “All-American Makers,” the judges ask the two what exactly separates their product from the hundreds of items currently available in stores. 
The water filter was named “Grayl” after the Holy Grail, and once you see its remarkable performance you’ll understand why. 

The cup offers three interchangeable filters for use in daily life, outdoors, and international travel. The filter works in the same way that a French Press does for coffee. Using positive pressure, you move the water through an activated carbon filter. The activated carbon contains millions of microscopic pores that allow the water to pass through, but catches any contaminants. 

The judges put the Grayl to the test and try toilet water and even soda to see if the filter is really all its cracked up to be. 

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