Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Whether you're in a hurry to get the most advanced TV money can buy or are just looking for a decent high-definition set for under $500, you have an overwhelming amount of options. There's the now-exploding 4K, or Ultra HD category, not to mention the time-tested OLEDs (which have seized the mantel from plasma as the cinephile's preferred picture). For every budget — from $300 to $12,000 — here are the best, highest-tech television sets. | By Michael Gowan

                                10 Tips For Buying a New TV

Good news: You're about to get a brand new TV! Bad news: You have to sort through the jargon and the hype of actually buying a new TV. There are always new features and capabilities to contend with, from the industry's refusal to stop talking about 3D, to questions about 4K televisions and OLED screens. Some of the confusion is probably intentional – TV-manufacturers want to arm salespeople with new terminology to justify upgrades and higher prices for premiums choices. So let's cut to the chase and talk about the options and specs that really matter, and some that don't. Here's our no-nonsense advice for buying a great TV, minus the buyer's remorse.

The 9 TVs Worth Buying Right Now

Being in the market for a new TV is mixed blessing. On the one hand, the screen sizes of new models probably dwarf your aging or defunct set, and features like built-in internet connectivity and 4K resolution can change the way you watch video. Then again, there are far too many total options, features and technologies to quickly process, and asking advice from a big box salesperson is practically begging to be swindled.

Here, then, are the best televisions available right now. We tried to cover everything, from low-end models that perform surprisingly well, to a luxury choice suitable only for early adopters. And even as these choices become less current, their prices are bound to drop, making them just as viable (for at least another year).

The Best 4K TVs to Buy Right Now

It's hard to believe that an HD TV you bought in the past few years is not sharp enough, but one glance at a new 4K (also called UHD) set and you'll be hooked. The latest in TV tech crams four times as many pixels into the same screen, creating a remarkably crisp, lifelike picture. Now relatively affordable, and with more 4K movies and shows on the way, it's definitely worth a look if you're in the market for a new set.

The Best Streaming Television Alternatives

Remember the heyday of movie and television streaming services? Less than six years ago, Hulu courted networks with the promise of a one-stop shop for scarfing down TV, Netflix tried to spin-off it's small streaming catalogue into the ill-fated "Qwikster" site, and Blockbuster sat on the sidelines praying both enterprises would implode. Now we're in the thick of it, powerhouses and budding upstarts competing for movie-lovers' attentions, each with their own exclusive offerings.
Which one's for you? With Netflix, Hulu, and Amazon dominating the conversation, here are 7 options that may not be on your radar.

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