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Liberal 3

LIBERAL -3                                    CARTER V. CLINTON
Many Conservatives see several parallels in policies that propose larger government between Presidents Carter and Clinton like Carter's Energy Crisis and Clinton's Health Care Plan.  "1) Carter complained the U.S. was the only W. Democracy with out a national energy policy.  2) Spoke darkly about the power of special interests.  3) Hired Jim Schlesinger to help manage policy efforts.
4) Exonerated the oil industry for profiteering.  5) Warned that failure to pass his plan could threaten our free institutions.  6) Told Americans they use too much energy.  Carter proposed several solutions to the energy crisis 1) Taxes on gas guzzling cars.  2) Regulation of natural gas.  3) Wind-fall profit taxes. 4) Creation of a Department of Energy.  5) Standby tax on gas to be imposed if Americans use too much. 6) Tried to change American habits." (Wall St. Journal, 10/21/93, p. , by Dan Calf, Shades of Carter in Clinton Health Care Plan)
The parallels between them stop when it comes to being a moral leader.  Carter was a Born Again Christian and a man of character who set an example as a moral and spiritual leader for the nation.  Unlike Clinton he showed that character does matter.  Neither during, or since his administration was Carter's character ever questioned.  Nor did Carter ever need to disgrace himself, his family, and the presidency by creating a legal defence fund, requesting donations from Political Action Committees or the public.  It would have been beneath a man of his character.

Many feminists find themselves in the middle again: Ted  Kennedy is a known womanizer, but supported many feminist and liberal issues.  Clinton is also a liberal, but Paula Jones is a woman claiming a man sexually harassed her.  Not being a Yale Law Professor like Anita Hill and the man being a Democrat, unlike Clarence Thomas creates a conflict of interest for feminists.  Is any wonder that in a recent poll when asked "Is religion losing it's influence on American life?  65% said yes and 21% said no.  Should the president be moral and spiritual leader? 78% said yes.  Is God the moral guiding force of American democracy? 55% said yes.  Would our government be better if policies were more directed by moral values?  84% said yes." (U.S. News & World Report, 4/4/94, p.51, a poll of 1000 registered voters with an over sample 45 blacks conducted by Celindia Lake of Mellman-Lazarus-Lake and Ed Goeas of the Tarrance Group 3/5-7/94.  Margin of error: plus or minus 3.1%. Percent may not add up to 100 because some respondents answered "Don't know." Washington, D.C.)
Unlike Carter, Clinton deceived us by claiming to be a poor man when he came to office.  "The Clintons had assets of $633,015- $1,620,000 in 1993.  His assets are between $96 and $266,000.  Hers were $516,000 -$1.05 million Chelsa was $23,000-140,000" (Clintons' Assets: Up to $1.6 Million/ President At The Head of The Class, by         , p.  , USA Today).

An investigation of Mrs. Clinton's sale of Health- Care Stocks by the Ethics Office released their findings.  Ethics Office Director Steven Potts responded that "Mrs. Clinton could not have violated federal conflict of interest laws because she was not an executive/branch employee.  Her involvement in health care reform was too broad to permit her to take particular actions that would have a direct and predictable effect on her financial interest."
Judge Larry Silberman, U.S. Circuit Court, Washington, D.C. felt differently and said, "We see no reason why a president could not use his/her spouse to do a task that the president might delegate to a White House aides. It's reasonable therefore to construe the president's spouse as a de facto officer or employee."

Another difference between the two men is the kind of governor they were.  "Arkansas as Rankings, Look at what we have done. The 40th most livable state in 1992 and 13th in 1993. The fifth highest poverty rate with 118.4% of the population.  The 48th lowest median household income $23,435.  The 47th lowest % of population are high school grads annually and 66.3% of population.  The 46th lowest pay in 1991, $19,008. The 13th highest percent of people not covered by health insurance in 1991, 15.7 %.  The second highest unwed teen births in 89, 19.6%.  #5 highest death rate in 1991, 8.5% per thousand.  Third highest homeless percent in 1990, 9.75%. Highest divorce rate in 1991, 7.8%." (State Rankings 1993, a statistical view of the 50 U.S., #4 edition, Morgan Quitno)
Carter, unlike Clinton is a proud veteran Clinton's representation of the U.S. at the 50th anniversary of D-Day was an insult to every veteran, dead or alive, and every current soldier.  He clearly showed his contempt for the military in the letter he wrote to Colonel Eugene Holmes, ROTC Director, U. of Arkansas, on 12/3/69, saying, "I am writing you in the hopes that telling this one story will help you to understand more clearly how so many fine people have come to find themselves still loving their country but loathing the military, to which you and other good men have devoted years, lifetimes, of the best service you could give.  Too many of us, it is no longer clear what is service and what is disservice, or if it is clear the conclusion is likely to be illegal..."

Another difference between is that Carter was always taken seriously because he never discussed the type of underwear he wore with a teenage girl on national TV.  Carter had a fairly stable administration whereas "the Clinton presidency is in its annual battle against political meltdown- the accumulation of so many negative perceptions that the president's political effectiveness is again at risk.  Last year's response was to bring in David Gergen, now moved sideways to the State Department.  This year it's Leon Panetta as White House chief of staff, moving the Thomas Mclarty over as the president's counselor.  These are all solid changes that will give Clinton breathing room.  He should use the time to draw his political breath.
"Even Clinton's supporters are frazzled and frustrated by his roller- coaster performance.  They are puzzled why someone as articulate as him, with the bully pulpit at his disposal, has not defined key issues like health care and foreign policy.

"The simple fact is that he talks too much.  All too often, he comes off not as a head of state but as just another talking head.  He needs to learn when to shut up.  Clinton is a perpetual talk show guest who has appeared on too many TV shows, ultimately turning off his audience.  Many Americans see him and think.  'My God, he's going to preach to me in the middle of dinner.'  'Click' goes the remote.  The hardest language Clinton must learn is silence.
"The Niagra of words and appearances has diminished the gravity and authority that should separate him from other talking heads.  Paradoxically, he avoids speaking to the American public when he is attacked personally, like W. Water.  (When he finally discussed it in a calm and thoughtful way, the story deflated.)

"He is unlucky to have taken office when there is a widespread disdain for 'politics as usual.' Today a mere 20% of the people believe that government generally tries to do the right the thing, versus 62% three decades ago.  The public is hungry for a real government of national reconciliation to end political posturing, congressional gridlock and witless spin doctoring.  People yearn for an effective president.

"It does not help that the media coverage of politics has degenerated into the gossip, scandal and trivia of tabloid TV, whose purveyors see politics as a world riddled by corruption, sexual escapades, secret deals and personal peccadilloes- almost everything, it seems, except the real substance of government. This media change and the fact that the president lacks the heroic aura of fighting an evil empire have encouraged the public perception that the political class is full of wrong doers. There is a neurotic national appetite for 'gotcha' journalism. Allegiance seems only to be given to celebrities. No wonder it is hard for our public servants to find the high ground from which to articulate an acceptable vision for the U.S.
"In this media -drenched culture, Clinton has come across not as an authoritative head of state but as a talking head- a wordy and clever professional politician.  He gets little credit for his accomplishments- a legislative score card that includes several come- from- behind victories like his deficit -reduction program and NAFTA, and measurable progress on gun control and assault weapons.  He also gets little credit for current economic expansion because so many average Americans standard of living has not risen, and they are still economically insecure.

"Americans want political leadership and skill-and less preaching.  Clinton must show that he
can deliver on his promise of change and carry the Congress, ending gridlock. Americans want a president who can raise the right issues and defeat the powerful Washington forces clinging to the status quo.  (As for moral leadership, 'If people want a sense of purpose, they should get it from their archbishop, not politicians' former British Prime Minister Harold Macmillan).
"Clinton has no substantial ideological or personal base.  Only a record of achievement- more beef and less blarney- will make Americans comfortable with his leadership again.  The next four months before the November congressional elections are critical." (U.S. News & World Report, The Sweet Sounds Of Silence, Mortimer B. Zuckerman p.68, 7/11/94)

In 1978 they bought 230 acres and borrowed $203,000 with the Macdougals forming the White Water Corporation In 1980 Mr. MacDougal bought the Madison Bank and Trust.  He lent Mrs. Clinton $30,000 to buy a model home on a White Water lot to avoid laws preventing them from lending money to themselves or their company. In 1984 the White Water helped President Clinton repay a $20,000 loan to the Cherry Valley Bank and the Clintons illegally claim the payment as an interest deduction on their income tax.  They blame their accountants. Then MacDougal buys back Clinton's loan and hire Mrs. Clinton and her firm to represent their bank.
She then helps White Water buy a new piece of land using an illegal $300,000 loan.  MacDougal claims he shipped the files to then Governor Clinton at his Mansion.  The president denies ever receiving them.

Madison Savings and Loan goes bankrupt with $60 million missing.  MacDougal is arrested and in a conflict of interest hires Mrs. Clinton's firm for a suit against the bank it used to represent.  He is acquitted and claims the Clintons lost much more than the $68,000 they claim.
In 1992 Clinton is elected.  In 1993 his friend and attorney, Vince Foster committed suicide.  While working for Mrs. Clinton's firm he filed long overdue taxes for The White Water Corporation which contradict most of the established dollar amounts.  After Foster's "suicide" important papers were taken from his office.  White House staffers met with the treasury dept.  Attorney General Reno named a special prosecutor and the House of Representatives began deciding whether or not to hold special hearings and if so, what kind.  President Clinton hired Lloyd Cutler, an old Democratic hand to restore order to the administration.  The only people who know the truth are the Clintons, MacDougals, Webster Hubble, Margaret Williams and Foster.

"Democratic jitters. Another problem for the president is that the rest of the political landscape offers no comfort. While polls show Americans still share Clinton's desire to see health coverage extended to every American, the president's ability to muscle such reforms through Congress seems diminished. A CNN/USA Today poll released last week showed Clinton's 42% approval rating at a 12-month low, with only 1 in 3 voters approving of the way he is handling...important issues of the economy, crime and health reform.  'This is a real bugle call' says Democratic pollster Celinda Lake.
"The start of Whitewater hearings this week could further erode Clinton's credibility. Few observers thought the hearings would make much news-until the Washington Post reported that the general counsel for the Treasury Dept., Jean Hanson, said she was instructed by Deputy Treasury Secretary Altman to contact the White House last fall to update Clinton advisors on developments. Altman said 'I had no advance knowledge of any meetings that took place between the White House & my dept.'

"Democratic sources say Altman's diaries, which are bound to come up at the hearings, contain two entries about Mrs. Clinton that reveal her distress at the accusations about the Clintons' Whitewater investments. In one, Altman notes that 'HRC is almost paralyzed' with anxiety about the unfolding White Water story.  In another, the Treasury official says Margaret Williams, Mrs. Clinton's chief of staff, told him the first lady wants to limit the scope of the independent counsel's jurisdiction.
"What's more, rumors spread on Capitol Hill last week that White House aide G. Stephanopoulos, who is being questioned for his role in Whitewater, said he could not recall key events.  Responding to rumors, White House counsel Lloyd Cutler demanded that the Senate Banking start investigating whether such rumors were the result of leaks. And Stephanopoulos' attorney Stan Brand told U.S News that his client offered 'substantial and direct testimony about all the contacts he had' for more than two hours. 'If somebody doesn't remember anything, it doesn't take 2 1/2 hours,' says Brand. Never the less, White House officials will try to drive home the theme that the hearings are a waste of time."(U.S. News & World Report, 8/1/94, Stumbling into a deal, Matt Cooper & Steve Roberts, p.22)

"A new report again focused attention on the president's Byzantine personal finances. As Arkansas Governor in the mid-80's, he took out at least $220,000 in personal loans to promote pet legislative projects. According to Associated Press the governor's aides persuaded political allies and corporate interests to pay them off.  Although unusual, it is not illegal, the White House insists. But it gave companies like Tyson Foods, the state's largest employer (which gave $15,000)& TCBY (whose top executive gave $25,000) a way to support the governor's efforts beyond the $1,500 campaign-contribution cap.  It also fueled speculation of impropriety because Tyson received $12 million in tax breaks during Clinton's tenure.  Critics also point out that Clinton, despite a $35,000 salary and Whitewater debts, received unsecured popular loans-up to $100,000 at a time-from a bank owned by a top aide.  A former Clinton staffer, Betsey Wright, has sent transaction records to special prosecutor Robert Fiske." (U.S. News & World Report, 7/25/94, More on President Clinton's Finances, Chick Harritty, p.6)  
                                                 THE  HOMELESS
Many liberals say many Conservatives are heartless, so some liberals in Rio-Linda, Ca. felt it was humane to help the homeless by giving them new shopping carts with reinforced front wheels to absorb the shock of being bumped into curbs to transport their possessions. Others made a video tape depicting how to discern eatable from inedible food in dumpsters. This is horrendous! Shouldn't self help programs be started to help them get the hand they so desperately need to get off the streets? Their idea of aid is finding ways to live on the street more bearable while seeking government aid and various social programs to rescue them.  We must "remember that any government that gets so big that it can give you all you want, is big enough to take all you have" (William Miller).
A better attitude toward the situation is "of course we have to find a way to help them, but is it necessary to lie to them or ourselves about their own contribution?  Their actions often are responsible for their problems.  Unless we recognize and are honest about that, we are not going to be able to clean up our streets and help repair these wrecked lives."  (Rush Limbaugh)

                                           BILINGUAL EDUCATION
Some Liberals believe in bi-lingual education for immigrants. The U.S. was founded as the "New World".  A place for all to unite, and start- anew leaving their- differences behind. We are a nation with a common language to unify us. That is why it is the U.S. United we stand or divided we fall.  Immigrants have been immigrating here from all over the world for over 200 years and learning English too. In 1993, the N.Y.C. Board of Elections printed voter registration booklets in English, Spanish and Chinese.  All Americans are descendants of immigrants.  Why should we start doing things different now? If someone moves to a new country they should learn the language.  Are we really doing people a service by teaching them bilingual education?

                                      AFFIRMATIVE ACTION  
Some liberals believe in affirmative action to help minorities succeed. This is commendable.  But unfortunately it has now become a quota system.  The standards for medical schools and civil service jobs are lowered for minorities. Resumes do not list their race because it is irrelevant to their qualification. So why are qualifications rated by race?  When we are given things solely because on our race, or sex, aren't we saying you cannot attain their goals on merit? When going to a dr., or lawyer we should never have to wonder if we are being cared for by a qualified professional, or a product of quotas!  Affirmative action means hiring life guards who cannot swim simply because they are a minority.  In an attempt toward color blindness we've become color obsessed.
                                             THE MEDIA  
"Many liberals accuse the media of having a conservative bias and vice versa" (Rich Hanley, 10/6/92).  In an interview on Electronic media Emily Rooney, Executive Producer ABC World News Tonight said, 'For one thing, in assembling newscasts and "American agenda" pieces, we're trying to tap into a Conservative, heart of America perspective, rather than the traditional media liberal spin on programs.

"I think we're aware, as everybody who works in the media is, that the old stereotype of the liberal bent happens to be true and we're making a concerted effort to really look for more from the other with being ponderous and lecturing or trying to convert people to another way of thinking."
We would not have so many racial problems in the U.S. if not for demagogues like the Reverends Sharpton and Faracon!  And we would not have them if not for a liberal media pandering to them!
Now that Clinton is president the truth about the media's liberal bias is coming out.  David Blankenhorn, president of the Institute for American Values said in a N.Y. Times article on 1/16/94, entitled                   , on p.  , by             that "For liberals and moderates it is now o.k. to say some of these things.  If they'd have done that under Bush, they'd have been aiding a political ideology they opposed."
                                          ANIMAL RIGHTS
Among the liberal groups are animal rights activists who brake for animals, save the seals, protecting the whales, dolphins and owls while others promote, and condone murdering unborn babies.  Is an animal's life more important than a baby's?  Sadly, unlike people, animals often give unconditional love. While sadly, man still inflicts injustice upon man, has done so since the beginning of time, and will probably continue to do so until the end of time. But does this make an animal as important as people?
A liberal environmentalist group is the California Public Interest Research Group.  They say there is a hole in the ozone causing the planet to burn up in ten years, yet offer no proof.
V.P. Gore wrote a Pulitzer Prize winning book called "Earth in the Balance: Ecology and The Human Spirit."  He says auto emissions destroy the ozone. And that a volcano erupting doesn't hurt the ozone because it does not reach that high in the atmosphere.  "A volcano is much higher than a car, so how come a car affects the ozone?" (Rush Limbaugh)
Many Liberals do not realize that corporations are a necessity in the world and they are "an ingenuous device for obtaining individual profit, without individual responsibility." (Ambrose Peirce, The Devil's Dictionary)
They try to destroy businesses like the lumber industry in California and Oregon during a recession even though they know that there is a circular between business and households causing a total dependence upon one another.  They do so anyway because some people feel spotted owls need to live in 200 year old trees.  Who knew that owls were wise enough to tell a tree's age?  "No man should lose his job over a spotted owl." (Reverend Jesse Jackson)  Some say "The rain forests are not the only place trees are falling and just over 50% of our native virgin forests- remain." (Newsweek Magazine, 3/29/93, Just For Kids Supplement: Saving The Earth, p.6)

People often make these statements yet offer little or no proof. "What's a virgin forest?  There is enough identified old growth (unlogged for 200 years) to make a band 5 miles wide from the Pacific to the Atlantic Coast.  New England had more forested acres in 1980 than during the 1800's.  59% of the N. East U.S. is forested, even though the population density there is three times the national average."  (Dr. Dixie Lee Ray)

Celebrities like Shirley Maclaine are in the environmentalist movement too and say things such as, "the planet has its own ideas. It simply wants to balance itself. It wants to shake off the disharmony.

"The 1994 N.Y. snow storm forced some people to stay in their homes and reach within themselves, others had to spend three hours in a taxi.  That was the most beautiful mischief which imposed upon us.

"Maybe that phone smashed because you spent too much time on it, or the book case was left standing because you should read more.  If I found friends of mine were thinking of this.  They felt they had ignored the warnings of avoiding their inner selves.  When we abuse our inner conflicts, the Earth reacts.  This is a law, not a belief."

                                                      WOMEN'S RIGHTS
A small unknown Liberal feminist group is the American Association of University Women.  Their President, Alice McKee said, "We conducted a survey on sexual harassment with Louis Harris and found that 81% of students surveyed in grades 8-11 were sexually harassed.  We define sexual harassment as looking, touching, rumors, jokes, grabbing, comments, pinching and invading someone's space."  "Was that before, or after the N.Y.C. Board of Ed. starting distributing condoms in high schools?" (Rush Limbaugh)

It is a very sad state of moral decay we live in now that a teen girl can get an abortion without parental consent, but needs it to go on a class trip. That is an outrage and an affront upon the morals of every decent man and woman of this great nation and a declaration of war upon God.

Is it any wonder that the family unit as we know it dying, theology is fast becoming a thing of the past and we are losing a moral majority? The next step is the banning of the Bible. Reverend Jerry Farwell jokingly calls the A.C.L.U. is "The American Communist Lawyers Union", because they're liberals who oppose anything even remotely related to God, like opposing the Boy Scout oath including God and In God We Trust on U.S. dollar. They, like many Liberals and feminists admire & believe Anita Hill had great courage to testify Clarence Thomas sexually harassed her during spring 1981 when he was her boss.

No one questioned the validity of her, or her friends, or witnesses like Ca. Workers Compensation Judge Susan Herchner who said, "Anita Hill called me in Spring- 1981 saying 'My boss Clarence Thomas is sexually harassing me.'" Conveniently no one mentioned that they did not meet until the fall of 1981.  Or, that her defense for not reporting him was she feared for her job. When told that it was a civil service job and he did not the power to fire her she said, "I did not know that at the time."  When asked why she followed him to another job when he left. She said, "I was afraid if I did not the new boss would fire me and I didn't know that he couldn't." She graduated Yale Law School.  Yet many liberals delude themselves into believing that she did not know these things.

A major Liberal group is the National Organization for Women.  "They were founded in 1966 by Betty Friedman, author of The Feminine Mystique and are now run by Mrs. Pat Ireland, a self proclaimed bisexual.  They have nine regional, 50 state and 800 local groups of people who support equality in partnership and seek to end prejudice and discrimination against women everywhere.  They promote passage of the Equal Rights Amendment and enforcement of federal laws prohibiting discrimination on the basis of sex, engage in lobbying and litigation and strive to increase the amount of women elected to office.  They publish the N.O.W. times; a bi-monthly- paper, local groups have monthly papers. The N.O.W. Legal Defense Fund and Legal Committee are sister groups.  The Legal Committee is the superseding group, was established in 1970 and is based in N.Y.C.  They provide legal-kits help educate people on gender discrimination and other legal issues.  Their goal is combating prejudice based on race, sex and statistics on legal, education and economic situation of women.  They do so by legal action, education and community based projects.  They sponsor projects on women's media, equal rights and a national judicial education program promoting equality for all in court.  The Defense Fund publishes state guides on women's legal rights, legal resource kits, education surveys, brochures and pamphlets on N.O.W. and sponsors annual conventions." (1991 Encyclopedia of Associations, 25th ed., volume 1, National Organizations of The U.S., part 2, sections 7-18, p. 1679, entries 10246-22289)

Some liberals feel that "there are two options for feminists: 1) Raise the status of women above that of non-human animals and work for the improved treatment of women. 2) To see the current treatment of animals as problematic for the condition of women, and to work to change both simultaneously.

"If one wants to change the treatment of women.  One has to be committed to changing the treatment of animals.  This does not mean only women should become vegetarians, but it does indicate that women who eat meat are then implicated in their own oppression." (Erin McKenna, Philosophy Professor, Pacific Lutheran University, The Observer, Central Washington University, 5/5/94)    

Unfortunately for the Lundens, newscaster Joan Lunden recently divorced.  Some liberal feminists were upset because her husband won alimony.  Why is it acceptable to them for a woman to receive alimony, yet unacceptable for a man to also?  He had put his own career on hold for a few years to be her agent and needs time to rebuild it.  He will get a few million dollars over several years in support.  We would think that a part of the feminist agenda is pushing women to be career orientated and that turnabout is fair play.  But it seems "what is good for the goose is not for the gander."

Unfortunately, some women join liberal feminist groups for the wrong reasons: like desiring to define themselves solely, or at least primarily by their gender, versus a human first and woman second.  Others are bitter and say things like we do not need men to oppress them and can get vibrators and not have to wash his dirty socks.  They speak of freedom of choice, yet support Hillary Clinton despite her ridiculing housewives saying "I choose to become an attorney because I had better things to do than sit home baking cookies and having tea." Isn't being a homemaker a choice? Isn't it a labor of love and one of the most demanding jobs a woman does? Not to mention an act of great sacrifice and unselfishness that she does for her kids? These moms know that "the hand that rocks the cradle rules the nation" (G.W. Griffin). And that their sacrifice all these years helped make us a great nation. We could not have done it without them. Neither, they, or their decision should be publicly ridiculed by other moms, especially by the first lady of the U.S.A.! Maybe she should get a real job: become a house wife, then decide.

A major problem with their belief is they combine secular-humanism with materialism.  Admirably, they encourage women to be independent self- sufficient adults who strive to be all they can be.  While this sounds commendable they preach achieving this goal at any price. Marriage and family are unimportant and undesirable excess baggage on the road to success for a woman of the 90's.  They are extremists who feel "you don't have to marry a doctor or lawyer, you can become one." (Gloria Stienem)  Shouldn't people be more important than money?

In a 10/93 Gallup Poll done for C.N.N. and USA Today, "48% of women think the woman's movement has made their lives harder than 20 years ago; 41% of men agree.  There's a margin of plus or minus 3%."  
Members of these groups claim to be pro-choice because they feel government should not tell a woman what to do with her body, Roe V. Wade is a good decision and that the federal government should fund abortion on demand. But have no say in what a woman does to her body.
If it is none of the government's business whether or not a woman chooses to have sex, or whether she chooses to abort an unborn baby, why is it then the government’s responsibility to pay for abortions?  As taxpayers whose tax dollars fund these things it becomes our business.  Shouldn't all taxpayers be entitled to a say in where there taxes go? Likewise why should the government increase her welfare payments if she decides to have another baby? A company does not raise an employee's salary if they have a child, why should the government?

They promote abortion as the choice and protest the U.S. Supreme Courts decision to instill a 24 hour waiting period before having an abortion as denying women their freedom to choose. This is done under a guise of equality of women. Some liberals say things such as, "a fetus undergoes various stages of evolution, starting out as a fish and evolving into a human" (Ed Koch). The truth is that "when two animals mate they create another animal like themselves. If two humans mate what else could they make but another human?" (Val Nash) I say life begins at conception & abortion is murder, except in cases of rape, incest, or the mother's life. The Sixth Commandment says "Thou Shalt Not Kill." It is ironic but "we are a schizophrenic society: in one hospital room a woman is having an abortion in the fifth month, while in another room doctors are working feverishly to save a premature baby..." (Mike Gallagher)

Furthermore, we fight for third term abortions, yet have incubators, neo-natal units, surrogate mothers, illegal adoptions. And while some people are fighting in court to legally murder their unborn babies, others are fighting to keep cadavers, in some cases pregnant ones alive on life support machines, some until the baby can be born & others indefinitely. Many parents fight to keep their pre-mature babies alive in hospitals that specialize in neo-natal care. Some people feel that "the debate over abortion isn't over whether or not life begins at conception. It obviously does, or you wouldn't have to abort it. The debate is over when it attains 'personhood', whatever that is." (Tony Mancini) Others prefer to simplify it: "abortion’s like cutting your foot off." (Sid Zelin) Some people say that "people need to appease their conscience so they rationalize by saying things like it isn't a baby. It's a fetus, or something else. And since it isn't a baby, it isn't murder." (Carmen Valle)

Many liberals want the F.D.A. to approve the French abortion RU-486. They say things like if it is legal in France there is no reason why shouldn't it be in the U.S. too. They conveniently neglect to inform people of the fact that in France they ban post-menopausal women from conceiving through invitro fertilization because they are too old. Isn't that clearly a mixed- message. Yet many couples spend years on waiting list with adoption agencies in hopes of adopting a child. Others under go various fertility tests, try artificial insemination and some even resort to the desperate act of hiring a surrogate mother to have a baby for them when they can’t conceive. Unfortunately, Surgeon General, Dr. Jocelyn Elders does not agree. She said, "America's problem is a love affair with the fetus." There are allegations arising that she allowed defective condoms to be distributed to schools for fear that recalling them would have jeopardized the program when she was surgeon general in Arkansas.

In 1992, in Massachusetts, a woman took her husband to court to prevent him from getting a vasectomy; because she wanted kids and he did not. The judge ruled in her favor. Isn't that a double standard? A woman can do whatever she wants to with her body, but a man cannot. Isn't it wrong for the government to tell a man what he can do to his body, but be prevented from doing so to a woman?

Many liberals say fetal tissue research is a positive aspect of abortion. They also say, "the cells of a fetus are nature's modeling clay. Still waiting to be fully fixed into their strict biological as part of an adult's organs, they are blessed with an almost fanatical ability to thrive and multiply. To some medical researches, these unique properties hold the potential for saving lives now cut short by brain disorders, disease and injury. To other people, these same qualities raise deeply felt ethical questions about using the stuff of life to save life.

"These concerns led to a five-year ban on fetal tissue research. But now the- controversial technique is re-emerging from scientific shadows, raising once again the promise of cures for a many maladies-and resurrecting difficult ethical conflicts. Soon after taking office, Clinton lifted a ban on gov’t. support for fetal tissue research imposed by Reagan. The National Institutes of Health soon gave its unofficial stamp of approval: a $4.5 million research grant for studying the effects of it on brain -debilitating effects of Parkinson's- Disease.  And last month a bill was introduced in Congress to increase funding to study it and will probably funnel more money into the controversial research.
"Despite a ban on gov’t. support, private research has continued, revealing huge potential for reviving brain cells. Fetal tissue has several remarkable properties that give it a medical advantage over ordinary adult cells: They grow rapidly after transplantation & appear to secrete chemicals that boost growth, & in some cases there is no rejection as in most transplant operations. Besides relieving the symptoms of Parkinson's disease, fetal tissue transplants can aid diabetes, spinal cord injury, etc.

"Fetal cells' talent for prodigious growth may be a key factor in helping repair damage to the nervous system. Spinal cord injuries are incurable because unlike bone and skin cells, adult nerve cells do not re-grow. In an experiment, doctors- transplanted fetal nerve cells into partially paralyzed cats, resulting in some of them could walk again and one could even climb stairs. Researchers suspect that growing fetal cells may have branched out and merged with the cats' undamaged cells.

"Reawakening- the –brain: Fetal tissue's power to reinvigorate the nervous system is the key to curing Parkinson's disease. The brain cells of Parkinson's victims slowly die off, causing uncontrollable palsy, the loss of motor ability, but not intellect.
Unlike an organ or bone marrow transplant, replacing the dead cells with other adult cells is futile because they do not network.  But fetal nerve cells do.

"In some of the many Parkinson's patients who had a transplant in the past few- years showed great -improvement. They slowly regained some of the mobility thought to permanently- lost. Doctors believe in these successes, the cells sprout branches and join healthy tissue.
"The improvement appears to result when a fetal cell secretes chemicals like dopamine, which cannot be made by the inflicted brain, to help repair and replace damaged cells.  This may also help Huntington's- Chorea, a genetic disease causes muscle control loss and death.  Huntington sufferers also lose brain cells producing GABA, a vital chemical thought to aid in transmission between neurons. Apes receiving fetal cell transplants showed fewer- symptoms, maybe the new cells make GABA.

"Healing in the womb. Fetal tissue is also promising as a treatment for fetuses, especially for blood disorders. In adults, the progenitor cells are constantly made by the bone marrow, treatment often risky bone marrow transplant.
"But in fetuses four months or less, these cells are in the liver, so a fetus with sickle cell anemia, could be treated with a transplant of a snippet of fetal liver-eliminating the need for bone marrow transplant after birth. Researches in France have treated four fetuses with tissue transplants, in the U.S. a fetus with the rare Hurler's syndrome had the operation.  The child was born healthy and so far shows no symptoms.

"For all the promise of fetal tissue implants, scientists are aware of all the ethical problems arising from widespread use of this procedure.  A main criticism is that some people will have babies just for research- a currently illegal practice.  The best answer may lie in understanding why fetal tissue is special.  If its healing properties could be isolated and duplicated in a lab it would eliminate the moral and shortage problems in the long run." (U.S. News & World Report, 8/8/94, A tissue of promises, by Traci Watson, p.50)  
Many liberals would "agree that it is a woman's right to murder her unborn kids." (Rev. J. Farwell)  And are requesting millions of dollars in research for it?  Yet, have limited proof it can do anything.  Some people would have babies to sell for this research or have unprotected sex knowing if they get pregnant they can sell their babies for research.  "What about the pain the fetus is subjected to?  She has a needle inserted into the back of her head and her brain matter sucked into a tube.  This is done with only the mom getting anesthesia." (Dr. Jim Dobson)  Should an unborn baby be subjected to such inhumane torture, especially without anesthesia if we are unsure whether or not she
can feel pain?

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