Monday, June 1, 2015

Liberal 4

The topic of sex education and AIDS is a little controversial to say the least. Surprisingly, President Clinton's AIDS Policy Coordinator Kristene Gebbe said, "Many people need to change their behavior because it is spreading the disease. They're making bad choices everyday. That means blunt talks with people of all ages.  That's been hard for our society to deal with. We need more blunt conversations, no matter how uncomfortable."
Yet, few liberals admit that AIDS is a direct result of a philosophy which condones and promotes a lifestyle that includes promiscuity for both homosexuals and heterosexuals. Liberalism's answer to prevention is distributing condoms in N.Y.C. high schools at taxpayers expense, in the middle of a recession. Former Mayor Dinkins said he may layoff teachers due to the recession. Yet the N.Y.C. Board of Ed. has money to distribute condoms in high schools. Instead of teaching kids to say NO they are teaching them to KNOW how to have "SAFE SEX."
They say that using a condom is "SAFE SEX." What guarantee is there that kids will use them? Condoms have been available for years and kids have not. The Food and Drug Administration does not even consider condoms a birth control device due to their ineffectiveness. Who would knowingly have sex with a person who has AIDS, even if they were wearing a condom? We cannot always visually tell if a person has AIDS, leaving abstinence as the only sure way of not contracting it through sexual intercourse.
Some Liberals favor distributing condoms in high school because kids are going to have sex anyway. Some say things such as, "Kids are going to have sex whether or not condoms are distributed in high schools because they're too embarrased to buy them. My teenage daughter is too embarrased to buy Kotex, but that doesn't stop her from menstrating." (Michelle Schlien) I wonder what would happen if some of these kids get pregnant, or contract AIDS? In the era of frivolous lawsuits they can sue N.Y.C., its Board of Education, the former Chancellor Joe Fernandez and the manufacturer for knowingly distributing a defective and unsafe item to minors. A lawyer can say, "the failure rate of condoms is 14.2 %" (1992 American Medical Association report).  Yet despite this potential major lawsuit former Chancellor Fernandez still distributed condoms in high schools.  Former U.S. Surgeon General, Dr. Joycelyn Elders supports the idea and in an interview said, "We don't need to give kids a 'plumbing lesson' they already know that."  The reason they know so much is "the media constantly bombards kids with the message that casual sex is o.k." (Donna                )
In addition to that, some people such as Joe Fernandez, are also spreading the "gospel" of liberalism by pushing to include a curriculum called Children Of The Rainbow in public schools. He suggested condoning a gay lifestyle by making books like Heather Has Two Mommies and Daddy's New Roommate recommended reading for first graders to teach them values. Are teachers hired to teach, or be a surrogate parent, social worker and family counsellor? Should their job be teaching the basic skills needed to function in life, or about racism, multi-culturalism and homosexuality. Some people object to prayer and saluting the flag in school because they feel that it does not belong in school. Why it is acceptable to teach all these things despite parental objections?
Shouldn't it be a parent's decision as to what their kids are taught in public schools since their taxes fund them? Parents would send kids to parochial school if they want them taught values. Isn't it a parent's job to teach values at home because environment is a major factor in a child's development. In psychology it is called Tabula Rasa: that is Latin for blank slate. "Give me your children and I'll rule your nation." (Karl Marx)
Since we know how important environment is to a child's development gay couples should not be allowed to adopt kids.  While heterosexuality does not automatically make a good parent, and unfortunately all too many "straight" parents are persecutors rather than protectors at least they are starting off on the right foot.  Being gay automatically starts couples off "behind the 8 ball" and they have an extra obstacle to overcome.  Unfortunately like many people with problems they are often in  denial and rarely are willing to admit that they even have a problem, much less willing to seek a cure.    
Meanwhile, a Liberal like Joe Fernandez, who said, "I want parental involvement", pulled rank when opposed by school board #24 in Ozone Park, N.Y. by suspending them. Why? Because they opposed their kids being taught about homosexuality. If kids are going to be taught about sex shouldn't they be taught abstinence too? Isn't it probable that he acquiesced on this issue because he wanted to be the national secretary of education for President Clinton, or be re-elected and all the negative publicity is harmful? Unfortunately for him it was too late; his contract was not renewed by N.Y.C. Hopefully sending a very loud message to all. People should realize that "the philosophy of the school room in one generation will be that of the government in the next." (Lincoln)
"We must help kids by setting role models for personal and moral stability." (Jerry Farwell)  "The education of youth should be watched with the most scrupulous attention.  Education forms the moral characters of men and morals are the basis of government education should be the main care of political regulations; for it is much easier to introduce and establish an effectual system for preserving morals, rather than correcting them by penal statues, the ill affect of a bad system...  The goodness of a heart is of more consequence to society than an elegance of manners...  The education of youth... lays the foundations on which both law and Gospel rest for success." (Noreal Webster)

Once we start condoning irresponsible behavior where do we draw a line? Junior and senior high schools could set up lounges for kids to use condoms since they are going to have sex anyway. Should schools distribute cigarettes and alcohol since kids are going to smoke and drink anyway? Schools could offer adult fun meals containing condoms.
This is a primary reason why we are losing an economic and industrial war to Japan. Not to mention the fact that we have become such a sex orientated society that we use sex to sell everything from popcorn to perfume and cars to clothes. You name it and sex is probably used to sell it. In Europe it is so bad that you can rarely tell what is being sold. Sadly, there is a ring of truth to the criticisms their prime-minister made about Americans being ignorant, that is why it hurt. They know that a good education is a foundation in life and invaluable for success. That is why they teach their kids about math instead of homosexuality. We do not need it in the classroom. Neither a 15, nor 5-year-old should be taught about sex in school. Isn't it bad enough that kids today are told that irresponsible sex is fine by distributing condoms in N.Y.C. high schools for safe sex and that a 15% failure rate of condoms is safe. "If 100 people were on an airplane and the pilot said that 15 would die before landing, I bet everyone would evacuate instantly!" (Rush Limbaugh) Air travel is a risk we must face in daily living; being sexually permissive is not!

Another reason Japan's Prime Minister was right when he accused Americans of being ignorant in comparison to Japan is that "An eighth grader in Japan knows more Math than an average U.S. M.B.A. graduate. An average 17 year old American knows 1/2 as much as Math as an average Swede the same age.  Homework in Japan is two hours a day v. 1/2 in the U.S. Japanese students have 240 school days a year v. 180 in the U.S. By the time a Japanese student graduates high school, she has had equal class room time as a U.S. college graduate." (Richard D. Lamm, "Crisis: The Uncompetitive Society", in Global Competitiveness: Getting the U.S. Back on Track, ed. Martin K. Starr, N.Y: W.N. Norton, 1988, p.25)  
In N.Y.C. then Chancellor Fernandez publicly promised private industry to retrain any grads that were fired due to illiteracy.  He did not say why, or how they graduated.
Yet another problem with our education system is that "20-30 millon adults cannot read, write, or add well enough to function effectively at work."  (Joe Berger,"Companies Step in Where the Schools Fail", N.Y. Times, 9/26/89, A-1)  Unfortunately, "U.S. schools are graduating students who even lack the skills to fill existing assembly line jobs, let alone the sophisticated new jobs that increasingly dominate the economy." (Ed Fiske, "Impending U.S. Jobs 'Disaster': Work Force Unqualified to Work", N.Y. Times, 9/25/89, A-1)  Perhaps it is time the U.S. reinvents education?
In 1990, in N.Y.C., the Board of Education Chancellor Dr. Joe Fernandez had teachers talking to kids in street lingo they read in booklets that were distributed containing various terms.
Liberals who believe in raising corporate taxes must realize the fact that Japan is beating us economically. Understandably, "taxes are the price we pay for being a civilized society." (Sir William Perry)  But raising taxes is only going to put a bigger financial hardship on business than already exists and cause more unemployment.  U.S. business needs to refocus so that it can no longer be said that "the failure of U.S. competitiveness is largely a failure to manage for quality, while the key to Japanese success is an almost compulsive and fanatical attention to managing for quality." (A. Blanton, Godfrey, and Peter J. Kolesar, "Role of Quality in Achieving World Class Competitiveness", in Global Competitiveness: Getting the U.S. Back on Track, ed. Martin K. Starr, N.Y: W.W. Norton, 1988, p.216)

Although our education system is outcome based, one of the results and problems Liberalism is causing is that "there is currently a fire storm raging in this country regarding the way we teach our kids history.  The result is a new multi -culturalism seeking to re-write history.  I regret that there were no Jews on the Mayflower.  But a fact, is a fact.  The reality is that the early settlers were European and Americans share a common heritage of cultural values, language and traditions based upon England and European roots.  Should we be rewriting history to make people feel good? That's not history, it's Psychiatry!" (Ed Koch)
"The aim of education, as many of our campuses now see it is no longer truth, it's political transformation...there are no truths to pursue, only political purposes. In a 1989 Gallup poll 175 of 700 college seniors did not know Columbus landed in the West Hemisphere before 1,500 and most couldn't identify the Magna Carta." (Dr. Lyn Cheeny, Chair, National Endowment for the Humanities)
Unfortunately, education in the U.S. is not what it was. "Historically 100 of the first 104 American Colleges were founded by Christians. Harvard was 100 before not having a professor who was not a Minister. Brown was the first Baptist College in America. Dartmuth was started as a Missionary outreach program to the Indians. Of the first 40,000 college grads before the Civil War 25% became Ministers." (Rev. J. Farwell) Sadly, "the 'politically correct' philosophy of many campuses disdains Western Civilization, with its emphasis on Judeo-Christian heritage." (Dr. Jim Dobson)
My friend Bing is a college president and Philipono.  He said, "A major problem with Americans is that they lack an appreciation for education. America is the only country I've been to that has derogatory names for educated people. It started with egg head, then book worm, nerd, geek and dweeb. In Europe we call them scholars. They glorify athletes, who are entertainers." And criminals: O.J Simpson has become a much bigger celebrity since murdering his x-wife, Nicole Brown and her boyfriend Ron Goldman. Books were written and movies are made about criminals for years. It the 1930's it was Bonnie and Clyde and John Dillenger.
Today it is Amy Fisher who attempted to murder Mary Jo Butafucko, her lover, Joe's wife, with a bullet in the neck. Luckily, Mary survived and Amy is in jail. But three movies were made about it! A movie was made about O.J. Simpson and he wrote a book.   One was made about a male cadet in the Air Force who conspired with his girlfriend, a Navy Cadet to kill a woman he had a one night stand with.

Conservatives are often accused by some Liberals of censorship. Yet millions of tax dollars are given away in grants to the National Endowments for the Arts, public t.v., painters, photographers and sculptors. Federal education grants have been cut 50% for the 1993-94 school year because of the recession. Last year, an artist painted a picture of Jesus on the Cross in a jar of urine.  Isn't this sacrilege? Winthrop, a photographer displayed a photo of a sculpture of a man putting a bull whip up another man's anus. Is this art? Should tax dollars be funding this "art"? Perhaps we should reevaluate the funding of the National Endowments for the Arts by tax payers? With a recession on I wonder if there is a more needy cause?
Liberalism also incorporates non profit groups like the N.Y. and California Public Interest Research Groups. NYPIRG says, "We were founded by students like CUNY Vice-chancellor Jay Hershenson, at Queens and Syracuse Colleges in 1974. They were inspired by Ralph Nader after reading his book Action For A Change. In it he outlined a Public Interest Research Group. We are N.Y.S.'s main consumer and environmental advocacy organization. We are a non-partisan, non-profit group established to effect real political reforms while training students and other citizens to be advocates. Since 1973, we have played the key role in fighting for more than 100 pieces of consumer and environmental legislation or executive orders. We run a network of college campus chapters as well as several regional offices, a CITIZEN OUTREACH PROGRAM and a FUEL BUYERS GROUP.

"Our 19 college campus chapters provide a tremendous amount of NYPIRG's energy, resources and direction. Each campus chapter consists of either one or two f/t coordinators, several student chapter leaders and many volunteers: Students at NYPIRG chapters work on projects which support NYPIRG's statewide legislative agenda and projects which focus on local issues and services. NYPIRG's Board of Directors consists exclusively of students elected from these campus chapters.
"NYPIRG: The main office in N.Y.C. is on nine Murray St., 212- 349-6460, a f/t lobbying office in the state capitol and a regional organizing office in Huntington, N.Y. Our professional staff does studies on many topics, coordinates statewide campaigns, lobbies public officials and works with students.
"In addition, NYPIRG's OUTREACH PROGRAM travels to communities across N.Y. to inform citizens about consumer and environmental issues, encouraging them to take action and to gather their support. Our growing citizen membership currently exceeds 60,000 people. The Fuel Buyers Group offers our members an opportunity to buy home heating oil at discounted prices through the power of group buying. The Fuel Buyers Group also works to promote home insulation and energy conservation and to explore alternative energy use in N.Y.S.

"Some of the issues we are involved in are the ENVIRONMENT: For more than a decade, NYPIRG's Toxics Project has researched environmental problems and worked for solutions. The Toxics Project has written and otherwise helped to pass a variety of environmental laws, including the Bottle Law, the Enforcement Quality Bond Act of 1986 and the Toxic Victims Access to Justice Law. The project has recently launched a Waste Reduction And Packaging (WRAP) campaign to reduce garbage production in our state and country and is also leading the fight in N.Y.S. against incineration and in support of comprehensive recycling. Recent Toxins Project studies include "No Time To Waste" and "Plagued By Packaging."
"CONSUMER PROTECTION: NYPIRG is widely recognized as a strong voice for consumer rights in N.Y.S. Over the years, we've worked successfully for reforms such as the generic drug law, the new and used car lemon and item pricing law. We continue to advocate for banking, utility and other consumer protection laws.
"STRAPHANGERS CAMPAIGN: It fights for a cleaner, safer and more reliable N.Y.C.M.T.A. as a way of reducing N.Y.'s severe air pollution and improve the quality of life for N.Y. in general.

"EDUCATION WATCH: works to reform standardized testing practices and scholarship policies throughout N.Y.S. by working with local community groups and lobbying in Albany, N.Y. It also publishes studies on race and gender bias in these tests. It is currently to eliminate standardized testing in k-2nd grade.
"GOOD GOVERNMENT: It monitors the actions -and inactions -of N.Y.C.'s newly empowered legislature through its Council Watch news letter and advocates for campaign finance, ethics and other government reforms at city and state levels.  We also register thousands of voters across the state each year and lobby for changes in N.Y.'s election laws.
"SMALL CLAIMS COURT ACTION CENTERS: Across N.Y., these centers, directed by a NYPIRG staff attorney, train students to offer advice to citizens embroiled in the small claims court system. SCCAC volunteers also aid citizens with general consumer problems.
"NYPIRG's MAJOR VICTORIES: In addition to countless studies, rallies, legal actions and other community services, we have played the key role in fighting for more than 100 pieces of consumer and environmental legislation or executive orders.  Here are a few highlights of our victories.
"1990- We won passage of a law mandating the recycling of hazardous chlorofluorocarbons and expansion of credit card and lemon law protections.  We also helped organize Earth Day in N.Y., coordinating 3,000 volunteers to lead the largest environmentalist demonstration ever.      
"1989- A 2- year ban on selling irradiated foods, a law restricting smoking in public places, the Item Pricing Law extended, and the Maternity Information Law.  We also stopped a bill which would have let state agencies site incinerators and other projects with no regard to community opposition.
"1988- Got a federal law passed limiting the amount of days that banks can place holds on checking accounts. The bottle bill law was expanded to include wine coolers. We helped persuade Governor Cuomo to veto legislation which might have increased milk prices.
"1987- Legislation is passed to LOWER CREDIT CARD INTEREST RATES and stricter financial disclosure by state and county officials.
"1986- THE ENVIRONMENTAL QUALITY BOND ACT: provided $1.2 billion for toxic dump clean up, and legislation allowing victims of toxic exposure the right to sue for damages.
"1985- Money is increased for toxic dump clean up. We defeated a bill which would have restricted the rights of medical malpractice victims.
"1984- The nation's first mandatory SEAT BELT LAW is passed as a result of NYPIRG's efforts.

"1983- THE LEMON LAW: requires manufacturers to replace or refund money for defective vehicles.  Community Right to Know:
Executive Order requiring the disclosure of corporate dumping practices.
"1982- THE BOTTLE RETURN LAW: establishes a 5-cent deposit on cans and bottles of beer and soda is adopted after a 10- year campaign.    
"1981- We secured passage of a UTILITY BILL OF RIGHTS: provides utility users with various protection.
"1980- The PRIVATE RIGHT OF ACTION LAW: allows consumers to sue businesses for false advertising is passed.
"1979- The TRUTH IN TESTING LAW: requires disclosure by standardizing test manufacturers and several Small Claims Court reforms are enacted.
"1978- We defeated product liability legislation that would have limited consumers' rights to monetary damages for injuries caused by defective products.
"1977- The GENERIC DRUG LAW: allows substitution of generic for brand name drugs. The Plain English Law: requiring all contracts for goods and services under 50,000 be written in non-technical words. The Home Insulation and Energy Conversation Act (HIECA) are passed.

"1976- We won passage of the ITEM PRICING LAW: requires most foods sold in stores to bear price tags, and established SMALL CLAIMS COURT ACTION CENTERS to COUNSEL CONSUMERS on their legal rights.
"1975- The HEARING AID SALES PRACTICE ACT: requires prescriptions for the sale of hearing aids to prevent consumer fraud is adopted.  We sued to halt pay bonuses to state legislators.
"1974- The FREEDOM of INFORMATION LAW opens official records for public access and one of three NYPIRG government reform bills passed this year.
"We have offices and collect $3 of student activity fees on most CUNY Campuses.  We annually post signs offering to refund it to those wanting it. We often sponsor letter writing and phone call programs to fight things like the transit fare hike in N.Y.C. and rent buses to take students up to Albany, N.Y. to protest tuition hikes for C.U.N.Y. and S.U.N.Y.  We also have free advice for small claims courts and offer internships where legal studies majors work and get college credit for their time."  (NYPIRG)

CALPIRG: is actively involved in issues like protecting spotted owls in California and the ozone. They claim to be non- partisan.  Yet they are always involved in Liberal causes like this. As for the Education Watch, many debate it.  Standardized tests discriminate against people of poverty to some degree and that is labeled racism.  Questions like does a spoon go with a cup and does cup go with a saucer are called racist. Don't blacks eat with utensils like whites or do they use their fingers instead of silverware?
NYPIRG is under constant pressure to submit itemized budgets for each CUNY campus they are on. They must be funded by a referendum and many students oppose them.
A less known Liberal group is "The Christic Institute: a law firm with investigators, community organizers, civil rights activists and peace advocates.  We were founded when their General Counsel Dan Sheenen filed a lawsuit against the Kerr-McGee Nuclear Corporation for radio active contamination on behalf of a former employee: Karen Silkwood.  Sara Nelson is executive director.  We do investigative research and file lawsuits on behalf of the public like the families of civil rights demonstrators who were shot by members of the American Nazi party and the K.K.K.  But only pursue cases whose verdicts they feel will result in a major precedent, like the Iran-contra scandal.  We're based in Washington D.C. and have an L.A. office.  We sell a Convergence newsletter: an affidavit on Iran-gate by Dan Sheenan outlining the history and activities of the secret team for $10 each, a La Penca Report by journalists Tony Avirgan and Martha Honey plaintiffs for the C.I. exposing the story behind the bombing of a contra hideout in La Penca, Nicaragua on 5/30/84 where 8 people, including a U.S. journalist died and 28 others were injured.  We request donations of $50, $100, $250, or whatever one can afford." (Cristic Institute)  "Bruce Springstein did a benefit concert for them a few years ago.  They are an anti-American law firm hired by Perot to investigate Bush and his family in 1988.  But could not find any wrong doings." (Rush Limbaugh)
"Many Liberals believe in 'political correctness': affirming that homosexuality is an acceptable alternate life style." (Jerry Farwell)
Certain Liberals say gays' civil rights are being violated like the blacks in the military and civilian life.  Slavery was not abolished until the Civil War ended in 1865 and the 13th amendment was written: "Neither slavery nor involuntary servitude, except as a punishment for a crime whereof the party shall have been duly convicted, shall exist within the U.S., or any place subject to their jurisdiction."
Blacks were not granted voting rights until the 15th amendment was passed in 1870: "The rights of citizens of the U.S. to vote shall not be denied or abridged by the U.S. or by any state on account of race, color, or previous condition of servitude."  But blacks still could not vote in the South without paying a poll tax until the 24th amendment outlawed it in 1964.
On 7/26/48, President Truman signed a bill desegregating blacks in the military. They were segregated from public schools until 1954, when Brown versus the Board of Education proved that it violated the 14th amendment.  It was ratified in 1866, stating "All persons born or naturalized in the U.S., and subject to the jurisdiction thereof, are citizens of the U.S. and of the state wherein they reside.  No state shall make or enforce any law which the privileges, or immunities of citizens of the U.S.; nor shall any state deprive any person of life, liberty, or property, without due process of law; nor deny to any person within its jurisdiction the equal protection of the laws."  The Supreme Court said that "Separate could not be equal in education or anything else."  They therefore ruled it unconstitutional.
Not until the 1964 Civil Rights Act was passed, was segregation of blacks in public places outlawed. Up until the Jones v. Mayer decision created the Open Housing Act of 1968 outlawing discrimination against blacks in the sale or renting of housing were they granted equal housing opportuny under law. Sadly, it took a century after slavery was abolished and 20 years after W.W. 2 for the Jim Crow Laws on segregation to be repealed and blacks gain equality under the law. That does not eliminate their persecution by groups like the Ku Klux Klan.

Have gays ever been denied these rights by law, like blacks? "The main purpose of the military is to kill people & break things." (R. Limbaugh) It’s a necessary evil. We must fight fire with fire. Unfortunately, it’s a cold cruel world in which democracy & freedom have many enemies. We defeated the Soviet Union to become a shining symbol of freedom, but new enemies constantly rise up to challenge us as the leader of the free world. Reality dictates that, "the price for freedom is eternal vigilance."(Ben Franklin) We must be ready to meet all challenges head on with an efficient military that is a well oiled machine. We should make love, not war, but be prepared for both!

Some Liberals are gay & say that their rights are being violated by banning them in the military. Is it discrimination?  Should sick people be permitted to enter the military? It's not a question of their ability to do their job. It’s one thing if they stay in the closet & another if they want to be openly gay. Pres. Clinton considered a separate platoon of gays to satisfy all. But, compromised by adopting Congressman (D) Massachusetts, Bernard Frank's idea of don’t-ask, tell, or investigate off duty, or base activities. That sounds like a fair compromise, but it’d discriminate against heterosexuals if their off duty & base sexual activities are investigated. If they aren't then we would never have known about Operation Sea Hook: the U.S. Navy investigated charges of sexual harassment & rape by several officers at an off duty and base party with prostitutes.  Upon concluding the investigation several officers were court- marshaled & dismissed, or resigned from the Navy. "The military is not the place for social experimentation!" (General Colin Powell)

Wouldn't it undermine the purpose of the military in several ways?  1) There'd be dissension among the ranks because many straight people would feel uncomfortable living with open gays, therefore discouraging heterosexuals from joining.  2) Wouldn't it defeat the purpose of segregating the sexes.  3) Gays have a much higher risk of contracting AIDS and since the military provides free lifetime health care for soldiers the cost to the taxpayers would be astronomical.  4) The military would be pressured to recognize gay marriages as legal as states like N.Y. do.  5) The military would then be required to grant all the benefits of marriage to gay marriages.  6) Gay couples will want to be able to adopt kids in the military like straight couples.
A survey was taken to by the Rush Limbaugh T.V. show to discover gay American's reaction to President Clinton's Don't Ask, Or Tell policy toward gays in the military. The responses from them were, "It is a real sell out. If we are not free to be who we are, or ought to be, we are not really free." "It's a real sellout to the moral majority and mainstream. It's his way of compromising to the status quo." "You should be able to serve in the military whether you are gay, straight, or by. It shouldn't matter.  It's a cop out and very impressive for him as a president."  "He was elected by gays and won closely in several states and now he is totally selling out.  We voted for him because we thought he supported our causes and this policy does not answer our needs at all." "I think he might be selling be selling out in that way, yes. But I think he can do better. I have faith that he'll come up with something better." "He said he supported a bill to lift the ban and now he is retreating due to conservatives’ opposition." "He 'talked the talk', but couldn't 'walk the walk,' and we are still putting up with that. Hopefully we'll be rid of him soon." During the election a survey was conducted by the Democrats showing that "...42% of them surveyed said they did not trust Clinton." Obviously, they knew what they were talking about.    
The gay community's anger at President Clinton is justified because he wrote them a letter on 1/5/93: "Dear Friends, Inauguration Day 1993 is more than the swearing in of a president. This day is a new beginning, new hopes and dreams.
The gay and lesbian community has been in the forefront of creating this incredible change of not only a revived national spirit.  Your contributions and talents are needed by this country and administration intends to use them.
Hillary and I thank you for your part in this historic change and we're proud to join the gay and lesbian community in your new found hope.                               Best wishes, Bill Clinton."  
Another reason gays are upset is "David Mixner, a close friend of the Clintons helped raise $3.4 Million from gays to be the largest donator in the 1992 campaign."  (National Gay and Lesbian Task Force)
"The average national income for gays in 1987 was $55,430, almost twice the national average of $32,144, more than triple the $17,939 for Hispanics and quadruple the $12,166 for Blacks, all with 1-3 years of high school.  The percent of college graduates is 59.6 for gays, more than triple the national average of 18; managerial and professional jobs for gays is 49, more than triple the national average of 15.9; overseas travel was 65.8, almost five times the national average of 14; the frequent flyer rate in 1987 was 26.5, 15 times the national average of 1.9%.  None were applicable for Blacks or Hispanics."  (Wall St. Journal, 7/18/91, B-1, polled by Simmons Market Research Bureau, U.S. census data, 1988 latest year available)
Unfortunately, gays are sometimes wrongfully bashed by others.  Does that make them an oppressed minority, or violate their rights any more than anyone else's?  Is comparison to the discrimination against blacks unfounded?  Haven't blacks have suffered demonstrable financial hardship due to discrimination as shown, whereas the average gay enjoys a lifestyle far greater than the average American?
"In 1988, a campaign in Texas successfully overturned Governor Neil Goldschmidt's gay rights executive order.  Supporters of the bill could not point out one case of sexual discrimination.  They are seeking to legitimize homosexuality by being granted a minority status from the government and gaining any special rights compensatory with it." (No Special Rights Political Action Committee)
The liberal media is a "museum of modern social decay." (Rush Limbaugh)  There are talk shows like Sally Jesse Raphael, Geraldo, Oprah, Donahue that are on at 4 p.m. daily.  Kids come home from school and watch a moral wasteland with things like moms who run off with their daughters boyfriends, teens who have parental consent to have sex in their room.  There is a lot to be said for "The family that prays together, stays together."
The welfare system has done more to harm blacks than slavery, or the kkk.  It has allowed the government to replace the man as the traditional breadwinner by not allowing Aid to Families with Dependent kids to receive benefits, unless the father is absent in many states.  This undermines the family unit.
That was not enough and some liberals go further by trying to convince society that homosexuality is normal.  They implement their social messages into the story lines of movies like "Terminator 2", and t.v. shows like "Mr. Belvedere", and "L.A. Law".
On "L.A. Law", in 1992, a man was sued for damages for defamation of character for "outing" (publicizing a persons homosexuality) another gay man. The man's defense was that he did it to show kids that being gay was normal; that they could grow up to be a dr., or lawyer, just like anyone else, also that, even if they were gay, there was nothing wrong with them. They can be a dr. or lawyer, but are abnormal!
Liberalism says homosexuality is a preference, a matter of personal choice, and natural not only as a lifestyle, but as a means of defining yourself as a person.  Is sexuality the only way of defining people? Isn't that like defining people as a smoker or non-smoker, alcoholic or non-alcoholic?  Some gays feel the need to have an annual gay pride parade, or march in the Ancient Order of Hybernians St. Pat's Day parade in N.Y.C. in order to tell the world that they are gay.  There is an annual "gay olympics" in N.Y.C.  Heterosexuals do not need, or desire to carry banners announcing their sexuality, hold "straight olympics", or
define themselves by their sexuality.  Why do gays?

Is it a freak of nature or just an alternate life style? It is a perversion, sexual dysfunction as much as bi-sexuality, pedophilia, sadism, masochism, or bestiality, birth defect, counterculture and disease, like alcoholism. The pieces do not fit. You can't fit a square peg in a round hole no matter how hard you try. It was not meant to be in the first place. There are none in the second. If it was meant to be, we'd all be physically identical & lesbians wouldn't need artificial insemination to conceive.

Many liberals being "politically correct" affirm that homosexuality is an acceptable alternative lifestyle.  They try to justify and rationalize it by saying being gay is as natural as being straight, it feels good and therefore there is nothing wrong with it.  It is not immoral and should not be illegal.  And by drawing upon the historical perspectives of it being around for centuries, God made them gay, animals are gay too, or they were born gay, or it is genetic.  "Just because something feels natural or good, does not mean that it is right. Adultery feels good, that does not make it right." (Dahoud Ibraham)  War, murder, rape and robbery have been around for centuries.  Does that make them normal, right, or moral?  Centuries ago the Bible said, "You shall not lie with a male as with a woman; it is an abomination." (Leviticus, 18:22)  Couldn't it be a birth defect?  "Being gay is unnatural because an egg needs a sperm to fertilize it, as a seed needs to be nourished by Mother Earth to grow." (Ralph Domingo, 7/04/94)

Gays are still human, entitled to LIVE and LET LIVE as much as anyone else.  They should not be targets of fear, persecution, or discrimination because they are gay.  What consulting adults do behind closed doors is no one else's business.  They are looking for love in the wrong places. And need psychological, psychiatric and especially spiritual counselling to rehabilitate.  Hate the sin, but love the sinner. "No one should be expected to apologize for being straight." (Steven Soyfer)  Should people's sexual preferences be private, personal matters, or worn upon their sleeve as a badge of honor? In other words, DON'T ASK OR TELL!

In the movie "Terminator 2", we see what the writer thought would result from a nuclear war.  He opposed the arms race.  Despite the fact that some Liberals feel that "the collapse of Communism is not necessarily the vindication of Capitalism." (Collapse of Communism, Washington Post, 3/14/90)  I, on the other hand, believe in Reagan's philosophy of peace through strength.  And believed Gorbachev and the K.G.B. when they said so to.  The bottom line is "we had the food and they could not eat bullets." (Jim Ledi)  Unlike many liberals, who sometimes have a problem facing the fact that Liberalism is a failure and Reagan really was not just an excellent presidents, not just one of the greatest presidents of the century and but one of the greatest ever.  So they say dumb, selfish things such as, "yes, he defeated Communism and caused huge unemployment and a deficit which Clinton must raise taxes in order to reduce and I'd rather have Communism and employment rather than vice versa." (K. LichtBraun)  In a rare moment of honesty and sanity they say things such as, "I'm sorry, I was wrong.  Voting for Clinton was a mistake."  (K. LichtBraun)

In an episode of "Mr. Belvedere" he was at a supermarket when two men were robbing it.  The manager hit a silent alarm.  When the police arrived the crooks took all the customers hostage.  They were making a list of demands and decided to say they belong to a radical environmental group they heard so much about in the media.  They felt that since that group got so much media attention they would be celebrities.  Mr. Belvedere then seguayed into a diatribe of how we are trashing the planet and must be kind to it for the sake of future generations. And how it is our obligation to preserve and maintain the planet.  Everyone was ashamed and promised to be environmentally conscious in the future.

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