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Top 3 Remedies For Blocking Neuropathy Pain

Top 3 Remedies For Blocking Neuropathy Pain

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  • 8:25 PM, Feb 23
  • By Takeshi Shibuya
Neuropathy is a blanket term used to describe a number of issues with the nerves. Although most cases of this disease are found in those who have diabetes, neuropathy can be the result of several different types of other medical conditions. Peripheral neuropathy is also common, afflicting either the sensory, autonomic or motor nerves. Any one of these nerve types can be affected, but when only one nerve is involved, the proper term is mononeuropathy.

Polyneuropathy is the correct term when several different nerves are affected at the same time.
People who suffer from the symptoms of neuropathy -- pain, tingling, numbness and open sores are among the most common -- can seek various forms of helpful treatments. A newer method of treating these symptoms is a treatment protocol called Tesla Technology, in which circulation is improved to affected extremities by creating deep muscle and blood vessel contractions. By improving circulation, pain, tingling and numbness are alleviated by providing the hands and feet with oxygen- and nutrient-rich blood. Another more recently launched treatment is a wearable device called the NeuroMetrix Sensus, which wraps around one leg and reduces symptoms via electrical stimulation of the nerves. Various medications ranging from antidepressants to anti-seizure medications are used to reduce neuropathy symptoms, as are advanced treatments such as transcutaneous electrical nerve stimulation and plasma exchange therapy. Surgical procedures can help when other courses of treatment fail.
Although neuropathy can't be cured, various non-invasive natural remedies are also helpful in relieving symptoms. Most of these fall under the top three remedies of improving nutrition, physical therapy and the use of supplements. Nutrition plays a vital role in treatment, and correcting vitamin deficiencies or removing certain foods from your diet -- such as those with gluten, refined grains or added sugar -- can help to reduce and prevent neuropathy flare-ups.

Physical therapy can help to enhance circulation and maintain muscle strength, while acupuncture can help relieve symptoms while improving patients' states of mind. Supplements are also helpful to many people with neuropathy; fish oil and Alpha lipoic acid supplements have been shown to reduce pain, burning, numbness and other neuropathy symptoms.

Recognizing the symptoms of neuropathy is key to getting timely treatment. Suffering from bladder issues is another sign that you might be suffering from neuropathy, and changes in blood pressure that cause dizziness is another red flag that warns of a potential problem. While there are usually a number of medical conditions that highlight the underlying causes like alcoholism, diabetes and inherited disorders, there are instances where the medical reason cannot be found. It's important to keep in mind that if you think you might be suffering from neuropathy, early diagnosis is the key to finding the treatment that works best. 

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