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"Ground Zero and the Mosques"

Most of us have already learned that Moslems intend to build a huge mosque / community center in lower Manhattan, just steps away from the former site of the Twin Towers (“Ground Zero”). This, where Islamic terrorists murdered 2,751 innocent civilians on September 11, 2001 in the name of Allah; and just steps away from the Museum of Jewish Heritage, which honors the victims of the Holocaust.

According to the news reports: the “grand opening” of the above $150 million mosque is slated to take place on September 11, 2011 – ten (10) years to the day after the above murders were committed by Islamic Jihadists. If so, this speaks for itself.

To make this above insult and degradation more palatable to/for the American people to swallow – while furthering and advancing the Muslim/Islamic agenda of expansion and conquest - we are being told among other things: that the mosque/community center will be like a “Jewish Community Center”; that the project is intended to “foster better relations between the West and Moslems.”

Off the top of my head, I can think of many less insulting ways for Moslems to
“foster better relations” with the West. For starters: 1) STOP killing and/or trying to kill Americans; 2) STOP trying to rally the Moslem world behind the elimination of Israel and the U.S.; and 3) loudly CONDEMN Jihad, as well as each and every act of terrorism, but the silence is deafening, isn’t it?

It is worth noting, that this above Islamic project was unanimously approved and WELCOMED by the local 12-member Community Board of Manhattan – who deserve a special place in America’s “Hall of Shame” for insensitivity, if for nothing else!

From what I understand at this time, the above Islamic project will be 13-14 stories high. However, no one has informed us how many minarets will be erected at this site??

Briefly, a minaret is taller than the actual mosque. The minimum is one – and there are Islamic sites which have as many as six (6).

In short, a minaret is generally a tall spire(s)/tower-like structure(s) which can be seen from a great distance – a symbolic marker of the Islamic faith. It may be attached to the mosque or be free-standing, and is also used to call the Muslims to prayer five times (5) a day.

From what I understand: the call to prayer in modern mosques is transmitted from a microphone located in the prayer hall to a speaker system in the minaret. Thus, the minaret(s) will not only been seen from far away but will be heard by all in the area, five (5) times a day!

I wonder if the insensitive Community Board of Manhattan took the minaret(s) into account??? Perhaps the 12 Board members can tell us how many minarets will be visible against the New York skyline, and how tall they will be, particularly since this structure will be 13-14 stories high?? Also: are they O.K. with the call to prayer which will emanate there from and be heard five (5) times a day – especially in an environment where even Church bells are being silenced because some find them “annoying”??

I cannot help but bristle at these events – which exhibit a lack of understanding, perhaps under the guise of “religious tolerance.” However, not all Americans are na├»ve and/or hiding behind “political correctness” in order to live in some kind of “Never Never Land.”

I am also not ignorant of history – the greatest teacher of all!


1) Briefly: the Muslims conquered Jerusalem in 638 A.D.

Thus, approximately six years after the death of Mohammed (who established the Islamic religion), the conquering Muslims immediately decided to build the Al-Aqsa Mosque on the site known as the Temple Mount – the holiest site of Judaism (where the first and Second Temples had stood).

From what I understand, the above Al-Aqsa Mosque has four (4) minarets – which symbolized the power of Islam as a religion as well as that of the expanding Arab empire.

As if the above were not enough to show their dominance over Judaism, the Moslems then also constructed the Dome of the Rock nearby – encompassing and taking as their own, the very rock which the Jewish people believed to be holy, part of the altar built by Abraham to sacrifice his son, Isaac.

Since the construction of the Dome of the Rock after the above conquest of Jerusalem: we have been told that it is the third holy site for the Muslims (after Mecca & Medina) because Mohammed either prayed from this rock or ascended into heaven there from. In this way, Mohammed clearly gained supremacy over Abraham through occupation – and due to the newly founded religion of Islam!

Interestingly enough, and at that time, the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher (which commemorates the death and resurrection of Jesus Christ), was the most imposing structure in Jerusalem – and so, the Dome of the Rock was made taller and a more imposing copy of the Church.

The Dome of the Rock now dominates the skyline of Jerusalem - as the Moslems intended it to do, and can be seen from a great distance.

In passing: it is said that the Christian Church of the Holy Sepulcher (called “wondrous” by some historians), housed the True Cross and was built over the tomb of Christ – one of Christianity’s holy sites, if not its holiest. It is where pilgrims flocked in droves every year to celebrate Easter.

The above Church was destroyed completely (even its foundation was taken apart) on October 18, 1009 - on the orders of the ruling Muslim caliph. It is said the he gave the order of complete and total destruction because he was extremely upset by the large scale of the pilgrimage to the Church by Christians each year!

So much for Islam’s “religious tolerance”! The Church was not rebuilt until 1048 – and only after “a deal” had been worked out with the Moslems.

These above are some of the symbols of historic and intentional show of triumph/dominance over Judaism and Christianity by the Moslems in conquered Jerusalem.

2) Byzantium – in short:

While the western Roman Empire succumbed to the various Germanic invaders, the Emperor Constantine the Great established the Greek speaking Eastern Roman Empire in approx. 310 A.D – namely the Byzantine Empire - which stood for 1,000 years as a citadel against the threat of expansion by the Muslims.

To make a long story short: the Emperor Constantine stopped the persecution of Christians. His mother, St Helen made pilgrimages throughout the Holy Land to gather relics and preserve/mark the history of Christianity, while building churches to commemorate the life of Jesus.

Thus, many beautiful domed Churches were built throughout the Byzantine Empire - among them, the Church of the Holy Sepulcher in Jerusalem which was to be later destroyed by the caliph because he was unhappy with the annual yearly pilgrimage as briefly explained above.

The city of Constantinople (named after the Emperor Constantine), with its many Churches, was known as the “City of God.”

The city is now known as Istanbul, Turkey.

In relevant part, the magnificent Church of Hagia Sophia (“Holy Wisdom”) was first dedicated in Constantinople in 360 A.D. – and was finally rebuilt by the Emperor Justinian in 527-565 A.D. – changing the history of architecture forever. It was the focal point of the Eastern Orthodox Church and the largest Cathedral in the world for 1,000 years.

In 1453 A.D. – while the world stood by – Constantinople was conquered by the Ottoman Turks (Moslems). For three days thereafter, the Sultan Mehmet permitted his soldiers to kill, mutilate, rape, pillage, and burn as their “reward” for the long siege. He then ordered that the Church of Hagia Sophia (“the Jewel of Christianity”) be converted into a mosque – which mosque would later serve as a model for many other Ottoman mosques. He also converted the other Byzantine Churches into mosques as well – those which were not destroyed/desecrated.

According to history – and after conquering Constantinople in 1453, the Ottomans immediately erected a minaret at one of the corners of the Church of Hagia Sophia – taller than the Church itself. This was another visual reminder that the Byzantine Church had been conquered and converted into a mosque, while calling Moslems to prayer – Islam’s triumph and dominance over Christianity!

The former Byzantine Church now has six such tall and slender minarets surrounding it – visible from far away and dominating the Istanbul skyline.

History repeatedly shows us: this is what Muslims “do” in the name of Allah – to show their dominance and superiority over other religions.

3) Cyprus, 1974 – in short:

In 1974, the beautiful and fruitful island nation of Cyprus in the Mediterranean Sea (near Turkey) was composed of 80% Greeks and 20% Turks. Long story short: it was suddenly invaded by the Turks (Moslems) under the pretext that they were seeking to protect the Turkish minority.

During the unjustified Turkish invasion: the Turks not only killed civilians, nuns and monks in the most horrific ways, but according to the reports of the time, many Turkish soldiers sent the ears of their Greek victims back home to Turkey as trophies! The world closed their eyes to the Turkish atrocities as well as the horrific videos which clearly showed the savagery!

This above occurred in 1974, not so long ago – and plainly shows that nothing has changed in the Moslem world.

In any event, and as the world watched in 1974: the Turks occupied the northern half of the island and expelled the Greek Cypriots from their homes – the ones who were lucky enough to survive the carnage. The Turks then imported more Turks into Cyprus – to repopulate the island in their image.

The first thing the invading Turks did? They gleefully desecrated many of the Greek Orthodox Churches while converting others into mosques.

This is what the Moslems DO to show the dominance of Islam – get it???

Don’t worry though; the Turkish invasion was and has been condemned by ineffectual UN Security Council Resolutions! The Turks are still there though – occupying the northern half of the island! In fact, talks are once again under way, thanks now to President Obama, to divide the island of Cyprus.

This comes as no surprise to Turkey – which had long ago unilaterally declared the independence of the “Turkish Republic of Northern Cyprus!!!

Today, the Cypriot Greek Orthodox Churches which were not converted into mosques on the occupied part of the island are in ruins (with the Turks even scraping off the mosaics when they could, in order to sell them as “antiquities”) – another symbol of Moslem dominance over Christianity as seen from the story below:

The “Lost Heritage” of Cyprus – 35 years of desecration
• Author: Toby
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Wednesday - Nov 18, 2009

I spent some time tonight at the Cyprus High Commission viewing a very powerful exhibition of photographs showing how a huge number of churches and places of worship have been desecrated in those parts of Cyprus that were invaded and occupied by Turkish forces in 1974.

The photographs were taken by Doros Partasides who settled in London with his family after the 1974 invasion (he also photographed the invasion itself and its aftermath). In the last few years, it has been possible for him to return and, as he puts it, that it was “with great trepidation” he finally visited his father’s village in the occupied area for the first time in over thirty years.

He writes: “It was if time had stopped there in 1974. It was immeasurably moving for me. I decided then to record these tragic images and so this long photographic journey began.

The first church I photographed was in the village of Gerolakos. … The doors were shut. Inside, a hut had been erected next to the altar labeled ‘KEBAB’.

From then on, wherever I went, the message of devastation was the same. I encountered abandoned churches to the point of collapse, interiors desecrated with animal and human waste, precious frescoes defaced, altars and icon stands damaged beyond recognition; churches transformed into mosques, places of entertainment, military headquarters and watchtowers; cemeteries strewn with broken headstones, the graves themselves dug up.

My camera became my weapon. The anger and horror I experienced served only to give me the strength to continue recording this terrible destruction of my religious heritage.”

3) More recently – and another example of Islam’s purported “religious tolerance”: Afghanistan, March 2001:

In March of 2001, the Taliban (Moslems) in Afghanistan painstakingly blew up the world’s 2 largest standing Buddhas with dynamite in the name of Allah – which statues of Buddha had been standing for 1,700 years.

The above occurred after an edict by the Taliban leader in February which called for the destruction of all non-Islamic statues! They also destroyed more than a dozen smaller Buddhist statues exhibited in the KABUL MUSEUM!!!

At a meeting subsequently held between the then U.N. leader and the Afghani Foreign Minister – emphasis mine:

“...Mullah Wakil insisted that the edict was an internal matter for Afghanistan and had been "excessively exagerrated in the outside world and the media". He said the Taliban had no intention to disrespect any other religion. "We do admit the relics were the cultural heritage of Afghanistan, but the part that contradicts our Islamic beliefs we would not like to have them any more."

Mullah Wakil said the edict had been under discussion by the Taliban authorities for more than a year and did not permit the removal of the statues to other countries - which Japan, India and New York's Metropolitan Museum had offered to do. He said the Taliban would rebuild the Kabul Museum to show off the remaining historical objects, which do not represent living things, which are forbidden according to the Taliban's harsh interpretation of Islam.

Consequently, and since the Taliban (who are followers of Islam) couldn’t convert the Buddha statues into mosques or build minarets around them, they simply blew them up!!
Sounds familiar??
4) Iraq - even more recently and briefly (2006 and on):

As many of us know from the news reports over recent years: there are different religious factions within the Islamic religion. They appear to be “at war” with one another for supremacy.

Consequently – and among the atrocities recently committed by Moslems toward one another in the name of Allah: one Islamic faction thinks nothing of maiming and slaughtering the members of another Islamic faction (even while on pilgrimage) - while blowing up each other’s mosques!

So much for the “religion of peace” that Islam touts itself to be! Americans were already “blown up” on 9/11 – and the attempts continue.

5) New York, 2010:

Now – and near Ground Zero – permission has been given to Moslems to build a mosque/community center!!! The mosque and its taller minaret(s) will be built before the first brick has been laid at “Ground Zero” – which mosque will clearly & triumphantly dominate the New York skyline for a LONG LONG time!!!

Part of an article relating to the mosque:

“...The Imam of the Ground Zero Insult, Faisal Abdul Rauf, is not the nice guy he likes to hold himself out to be. At his Friday afternoon khutbah services and in his book What's Right With Islam Rauf states that he wants the mosque to be a place where inter-faith understanding is fostered. His sonorous voice is smooth and almost hypnotic. His writing style appears to be rational and unthreatening.

However, this does not jibe with the aspects of him that are downright hostile and frightening.

During a recent Friday sermon, this writer did due diligence as a mosque monitor and heard Rauf deny that Muslims perpetrated 9/11. In an interview with CNN shortly after 9/11, Rauf said, "U.S. policies were an accessory to the crime that happened. We [the U.S.] have been an accessory to a lot of innocent lives dying in the world. Osama bin Laden was made in the USA." Elsewhere, Rauf has stated that terrorism will end only when the West acknowledges the harm it has done to Muslims. And that it was Christians who started mass attacks on civilians.

Rauf has numerous ties to CAIR, an unindicted co-conspirator in the Department of Justice funding case brought against Hamas, an openly terrorist organization. CAIR is also the initiator of numerous cases designed to intimidate non-Muslims from criticizing aggressive Muslim behavior, and to use our own legal and democratic processes to undermine and dominate America, forcing it to become Islamic.

Rauf calls himself a Sufi, evoking among non-Muslims a "peace and love" image. But that's not the whole picture. Sufism has many sides to it, including the Koranic injunction to spread Islam one way or another, and it has a rich history of waging war, too. Could it be that one of the frequently used tools of war, lying to the enemy, explains the contradiction between Rauf's image as reconciler of religions and his sympathies and associations with terrorists?

A previous Rauf project, Muslim Leaders of Tomorrow, clearly shows on its website that it is headed and funded by individuals from Saudi Arabia, the country that spawned fifteen of the nineteen jihad jockeys who rode the 9/11 planes of destruction. The funding for the mosque at Ground Zero is much murkier so far. All that has been publicly disclosed is that the support comes from unidentified sources in Saudi Arabia and Muslim-ruled Malaysia. Rauf reportedly says he paid $4.85 million for the property -- in cash. Where exactly did this money come from? Was it Wahhabist-supporting Saudi sources, which have already funded many other mosques in New York City?

The mosque is called Cordoba House. Muslims like to refer to Spain and especially the city of Cordoba as a place where their rule reached a glorious peak. Contrary to the myth of a Golden Age of equality during the Muslim occupation of Spain (and in particular in Cordoba), Spain and Cordoba were places where Christians and Jews suffered as social inferiors under Islamic oppression. Equal civil rights never existed for non-Muslims under Sharia, or Islamic law. Rauf even admits as much when he writes, "Jews and Christians living under Muslim rule simply had to pay a tax to finance their protection by their Muslim overlords." This is not equality! Americans do not demand a special tax to protect Muslims from ourselves. That would be extortion, not "protection."
As if the above were not bad enough and according to more recent news:
A SECOND mosque is now to be built at some yet undisclosed site in lower Manhattan near “Ground Zero” as well!!

I’m guessing of course, but this above project will have to be approved by the same insensitive 12 member Community Board of Manhattan – if they haven’t already!

According to the news: the SECOND mosque will be smaller, approximately five stories high - not counting the minaret(s), I guess! We are told that the Masjid Mosque has raised $8.5 million and is seeking an additional $2.5 million to begin.

"From what I have read: the above website is seeking donations because it plans
“...to build the “House of Allah” next to the World Trade Center. Help us raise the flag of “LA ILLAH ILLA ALLAH” in downtown Manhattan.”

Does this above have a familiar historic “ring” to it??

Thus – and while Christian Churches, schools and Synagogues are closing throughout the US at an alarming rate as the result of a lack of attendance and money:grandiose mosques are being built throughout the US at an alarming pace-funded in essence and in fact, with OUR money no less!

This above is not to mention (but I will in passing), the concerted and successful leftist agenda of the separation of Church and State – a lie foisted on the American people in the name of “globalism” by those who have carefully and intentionally changed American history!

So, I ask: can we continue to intentionally ignore history – even recent history??? Has “political correctness” and/or the idea of globalism dulled our senses??

As history has also shown us, as can be briefly seen from the occupation of Greece by the Turks (Moslems) for 300 years and the previous Islamic occupation of Byzantium: convert to Islam or die! Many Greeks did so in order to save themselves and their families – at least on the surface!

In fact, and during the 300 year occupation of Greece until the 1850’s and thereafter (not to mention the slaughter, disemboweling, rape and mutilation): the Greek priests kept Christianity alive by teaching religion in caves in fear of their lives and the deadly consequences which would ensue for all, if caught. These schools were aptly named “The Secret Schools.”

For those who are ignorant of history or continue to deny it (both the old and more recent history): the idea behind Islam is to subjugate non-Moslems one way or the other – get it??

Can Americans expect any less – especially now that we are naively permitting those who OPENLY seek to exterminate us and Israel to build TWO mosques near “Ground Zero,” and a few steps from the Jewish Holocaust museum??

This above, BEFORE the first brick will be laid at “Ground Zero”!!

Thus, it would appear that there are now two (2) types of attempted dominance and conquest of non-Muslims by Islam: 1) the “blow-up” kind; and/or 2) the “religious” kind (where “radical” Moslems preach from the mosques being built across our nation and Europe).

It is now also known that there are a number of Americans who have converted to Islam – some of which have thereafter attempted to commit acts of terrorism here in the U.S.A. in the name of Allah. These are called “home-grown” terrorists!

In any event: can you imagine looking at the New York skyline – where the Twin Towers once stood – and seeing not one, but TWO mosques and their taller minarets dominating the skyline, while hearing the Islamic call to prayer five (5) times a day?? What better TRIUMPH for Islam especially after 9/11!!!!


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