Friday, July 10, 2015

Unreported Health Benefits of Measles

The Unreported Health Benefits of Measles

Almost overnight, measles went from being characterized as a natural rite of passage necessary for strengthening immunity to a deadly infection against which we have only one hope against complete destruction: 100% vaccine uptake. The truth is that measles and other childhood infections may actually protect against life-threatening conditions like cancer and heart disease. 

Not long ago, measles infection was considered a normal immunological rite of passage in children, with the CDC itself still identifying anyone born before 1957 as having presumptive evidence of immunity against measles due to the lasting protection conferred by natural exposure. Check out this video on measles as depicted in the media half a century ago, wherein it is the subject of laughter and not mortal fear.

How, then, have we strayed so far from this awareness into the mousetrap of ignorance and irrational fear that followed the California Disneyland outbreak which was used to push through the approval of SB277, removing all but the illusory medical exemption from California? How did measles go from not only a benign and perhaps necessary childhood exposure to a presumably deadly one?

First, the measles vaccine is failing, and has been for many years. We see evidence of this going back to the mid-80's, and all around the world. Read our article "The 2013 Measles Oubreak: A Failing Vaccine, Not a Failure to Vaccinate" to see a review of the literature. Or, consider that the Chinese are having measles outbreaks in populations that have up to 99% measles vaccine uptake.
Instead of placing blame where it is due - on the failing vaccine itself - the vaccine industry, government and media response (all which share financial ties) is unilaterally to "blame the victim," forcing more vaccines on populations that are almost universally compliant, but are told they still need to take boosters because the original vaccines aren't effective enough. The deeper truth is that vaccination is not the same thing as immunization. In fact, quite the contrary, as live vaccines like MMR actually infect healthy individuals with the very transmissible viruses they are believed to prevent. And this is confirmed through WHO, Merck and CDC funded research no less.

Perhaps the most important thing to acknowledge is that germ theory itself is dead, without which the vaccine agenda no longer has a leg to stand on. The discovery of the microbiome's role in our own self-definition as a holobiont species comprised of far more "germs" than actual eukaryotic human cells, as well as the critically important role that viruses have played in helping to create the human genome (up to 13% of our genome is viral in origin), decimates the view that germs are our primary enemy "out there" and against which we must war. This logic is unsustainable and intellectually bankrupt, because "they" are more "us" then we are ourselves. This is why we need to look at measles through a different lens. In fact, we need to appreciate the health benefits that natural measles exposure may confer not just against measles, but other conditions that require immunological priming by natural infections and subsequent homeostasis and optimization of our natural immune defenses.

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