Tuesday, April 24, 2007

don Imus

There's NO defending his words! They should be put in context: he's a schock jock. He's paid a small fortune to say out rageous things.
Why isn't there outcry from the black communitty over comments such as Jesse Jackson saying he was a waiter in his spit in whitepeople's food?
I taught GED in many black schools and heard the race card played by kids to try and get over because I'm white: in Sheepshead Bay High School I was covering a class for a colleague. So I put the assignment on the board and instructed the class to copy. As I peered around the rtoom I noticed a young man wasn't working. So I approached him and asked why.
He said was picking on him because he's black. To his surprise I called him on it by asking what black has to do with it. He was silent.
I worked in another school when another young man camein late and took out a newspaper. When I told him he had to be kidding me and to put it away and copy the assignment he said I was picking on him because he's black
So I called him on it too. He was speechless too.
The kids all used the"N" word.

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