Sunday, April 22, 2007

"The Mavericks" By M. Asinoff – American Gov’t. – Dr. Tom Karfunkel

If you were the leader of a new and unknown pressure group what would do to get publicity for you and them?

As the leader of a new pressure group called the Mavericks, I would seek to gain publicity by contacting the media. Then I would hold at least one press conference. Next, we would seek to align myself and my group with celebrities.

If the leader of this new pressure group, the first thing I would make sure that there is a clear cut, well planned agenda and platform. Once you know just where you stand now and where your goals are you can proceed to put them into action.

I would hold a press conference to let people know about it. The next step is to align with key political and controversial issues of the time. By doing this one can increase exposure very quickly.

Whenever possible, one should align one self and one's group with big name celebrities. Then seek to get my message, or messages implemented in the media.

I see many groups like the environmentalists do this. They manage to get their messages on Saturday morning kids cartoons, and on prime time shows like Mr. Belvedere and L.A. Law. These groups slip it right in with the story line of the show very cleverly. These groups do it subtly so as to convince their audience that they are fighting a noble cause. Mavericks love mavericks pursuing their just causes. A good writer can do this very effectively and you will have people banging down your door to do the radio and T.V. talk show circuit. They will be offering money and book deals. Anything you want can be achieved in a reasonable amount of time.

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