Sunday, April 22, 2007


President of the USA
By M. Asinoff
Spring, 2000

To be president of the USA a man should be conservative in his values. He should be interested in the welfare of the general population, not just a few small groups. He should have the courage & determination to stand up for his convictions.

Any man who even considers running for the highest office in the land should have the traditional Christian-Judaic family Values that our fore-Fathers founded this great nation upon. He should believe in marriage and family like Reagan. Regan was divorced, but remarried for about 25 years. Regan has troubles within his family, but still held these values high. Regan is probably the most conservative president we’ll have for a long time.

Regan gained tremendous popularity by cutting taxes. Reagan also managed to change the perception that the Republican Party was just for the rich. Reign made the Republican Party the party of the middle –class.

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