Sunday, April 22, 2007


Analysis of Sit/Coms: Frasier-(Actual Episode-11/95)

SET UP = 25%
Bull Dog, the sports show host embarrasses Frasier and makes a fool of him on-air by calling and pretending to be an Australian with a problem. Frasier asks the station manager to stop Bull Dog and she agrees. But then she learns that the switchboard is lit up with callers who love it and want more. So she tells Bull Dog to continue harassing Frasier.

Bull Dog makes a fool of Frasier again by tricking him into singing a silly song on-air. So Frasier angrily returned to the station and confronts Bull Dog. He then learns that not only did the station manager encourage it, she wants him to respond and start an on air conflict for ratings.

Frasier is mad and wants revenge. He returns home to his dad, Martin. Who, as usual, is unsupportive and tells Frazier, "You take yourself too seriously and shouldn't try to get even. You're not funny like Bull Dog." This only makes Frasier more determined to get even and prove Martin wrong. But he made a fuss when telling everyone that he would not lower himself to play practical jokes.

Frasier overheard Bull Dog say he hates Lizards. So he gets his screener, Roz to put one in a raffle box that Bull Dog's supposed to stick his hand into on-air. The plan's to get even by embarrassing Bull Dog on-air. Unfortunately, it backfired when the station manager stuck her hand in the box and the lizard bit the tip of her finger off. She's rushed to the hospital to have it reattached. Frazier goes and apologizes when he thinks she asleep. Then she awakes, he says, "Oh my God!!" In the last scene the rest of the cast is in the waiting when we hear Frazier's blood curdling scream. Then it fades to black.

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