Monday, April 23, 2007

el diablo

El Diablo (The - Devil)

Since he lives so long he took up sewing & turned blue dress into Postal, Police, Meter Maid & Mechanics’ Uniforms & blue shirts/ties (greedy/slave driving bosses) to test our faith by hitting us where it hurts the most: the wallet!

He does so with “endless” bills (while poor/ unemployed), demanding jobs that put u on salary so u don’t get O.T., frivolous tickets & unexpected /expensive car repairs.

I just realized growing up my pop supported mom & 4 kids, subsidized his mom & uncle, owned his own home & car with just H.S. on $200 a week gross & only owed a mortgage.
Gas was 30 cents a gallon, carfare was a quarter & bread was 4 loaves for $1.

I have a two undergraduate, a graduate degree, live rent free with pop & can’t get a job to support myself. Unlike him I & all too many owe Visa my 3rd born.

We call my brother Rosemary’s Baby because he’s the devil’s disciple & Guido partially because he barely finished H.S. He’s our Raymond. So I say, Nobody loves Guido (except Guido).

Yet he’s a mailman although his ability to read the letters/sign his check & count past ten without using his toes is a very closely guarded secret & a small miracle.

The credit -card debt, anxiety, depression & frustration emanating from this are the clearly the devil’s handiwork!

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