Saturday, April 21, 2007

Santa & me

Santa & Me

Hey folks, Happy holidays! I hope Santa was good to you. You wouldn’t believe what happened to me: I decided since I’m not religious I’d see what all the hoopla over x-mas is all about. So stayed up on Christmas Eve waiting for him. I made (well bought, but hey it’s the thought that counts) Kosher cookies.

When he rode by yelling Ho! Ho! Ho!

I shouted Ho! Ho! Ho! When he looked I waved to him & motioned for him to come in while pointing to the cookies & cocoa.

He started coming in when I saw something catch his eye & he looked up. He paused a moment, obviously thinking, then turned to me, wagged his finger & said, “Ho! Ho! Ho! I don’t think so.” Then he left.

I grabbed my coat & went after him. I chased him for a few blocks. He’s fast! (By the way Rudy’s nose really does glow really bright Red. It’s almost blinding if you look directly at it when he’s close). He wouldn’t even slow down, much less stop. I much have chased him a few blocks. I slipped & fell on the ice. I called for help. But he didn’t even slow down. I got up & ran after him. I couldn’t keep up. So I went -home.

Still puzzled I was trying to figure out what happened. As I arrived home I noticed a light in the window. I looked up as I got close enough to see what it was & saw the Menorah was still light.
I knew I forgot something. I was so mad. Now I must wait a whole year & hope he has a bad a memory.

Send this out & start the holiday season early and with a laugh.

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